For bigger events, especially big LED walls are popular. However, the big constructions have their pitfalls: it takes long to set them up, and the more square meters a wall has, the bigger the target for wind and weather gets. Therefore, the aim is to make constructions possible that are easy to set up and remove, and also withstand breezes, as well as gusts. Years of experience and focused development led to a new professional outdoor wall: the P4+WH Pro.

P4+WH Pro, Tri-Frame, LED-Wand kaufen, LED-Wand mieten

The Pro-series was developed specifically for outdoor use. Big outdoor events like festivals or concerts demand big and stable LED walls. The P4+WH Pro makes big installations possible with our Tri-Frame developed by LedTek and EXPO Engineering.

Safety first: the Tri-frame

The Tri-frame that can be ordered additionally to the P4+WH Pro offers stability and safety. The easy and fast installation simplifies work and saves time; screwing and handling pipes, all that is unnecessary with the Tri-Frame. The cabinets of the P4+WH Pro themselves are easy to install and exchange due to their easy arrangement of four modules, frame, and power supply unit. The Tri-Frame connects with the frame of the cabinets through an easy click system. The construction simply needs to be fastened with bolts. Like this, the Tri-Frame, a triangular truss, is arranged and offers support and stability. Depending on the wind force, span widths up to 10 meters can be reached – and that without stabilising the wall horizontally.

Tri Frame, P4+WH Pro, LED-Wand kaufen, LED-Wand mieten

Furthermore, the Tri-Frame enables simple outdoor standing installation for the first time. So far, hanging constructions with flying bars are usually used. The LSU-traverse system is in this case useful for indoor use, however, it is not usable outside. The Tri-Frame offers the possibility of a standing installation outdoors.

And the Tri-Frame is only the beginning. For the long term, a connection to the Layher truss system should be made possible, and a basic framework for the indoor area should be developed. Also, for advertising board a special attachment system should be developed. With this, a possibility should be created that works for all connection systems of cabinet frame and Tri-Frame, and that provides simplicity and efficiency.

A real allrounder: the P4+WH Pro

Wind and other weather conditions are not a problem for the P4+WH Pro. Through its IP protection class of 65 on the front and 54 on the back, it is prepared for rain and snow. It can outshine direct sunlight on very bright days and still offers a deep and saturated image. The P4+WH Pro can also be used indoors. Its brightness can be dimmed so that it can adapt to the conditions inside. Hence the new Pro Series can be considered an allrounder.

Not only is the P4+WH Pro set up fast, also the wall itself convinces with speed. Its faster receiving card, that enables a responsiveness half a frame faster, saves you time when it comes to transmission speed.

An order as big as never before

The new outdoor series is to be widely available in the future. Therefore, we produced 3,000m2 of the same batch. This should guarantee that renting individual cabinets from our Rentalpool will be possible without any problems, and that our customers can rent individual cabinets from one another without any visible differences.

With our new Pro-series, we set value on simplicity without renouncing from quality. Quality does not need to be expensive. The TÜV certified walls offer an excellent value for money: the acquisition cost is at 875€/cabinet (1000x500mm) or 490€/cabinet (500x500mm). Thus, the square meter is around 500€ cheaper than with our previous models.

To guarantee a consistent quality, the manufacturing process at the production facility, from the procurement of goods to the goods issue is supervised in regular intervals by TÜV Rheinland. The P4+WH Pro is additionally tested regarding electromagnetic compatibility and corresponds the low-voltage directive. Moreover, the static safety of the Tri-Frame system, that is only available for the P4+WH Pro, was verified and determined by multiple calculations.

The first customers of the wall are Nordlite from Hamburg and Groh-PA from Buchholz. With their purchase of the P4+WH Pro, they expand the rental pool of the manufacturer. We are happy to add such great firms to our partner network. Droneberger, a firm from Klagenfurt, has extended their stock of LedTek walls by 100m2. Further 100m2 go to Verantec and the Event crew from Crimmitschau. The exposive medien gruppe from Hanover is also aboard. We look forward to the amazing projects of our partners with the new Pro-Series!

You have questions regarding our P4+WH Pro or the Tri-Frame? Or are you interested another of our products? You are welcome to contact us by phone on +49 551 492 493 44 or by mail to