As you know, we have been running our YouTube channel Led News by LedTek for some time now. We have been uploading weekly since and have just started a new video series: tutorials.

Some people prefer video tutorials over written instructions, and some find them more understandable then purely a written text. Therefore, we are happy to now produce video tutorials for you as well.

With an average length of three minutes, the video tutorials are clear and brief. They respond to specific questions about the LED walls.

How do you program your walls with the NovaStar Nova LCT Software? What is the best way to install your LED systems? What features do our different LED cabinets have? Where do you find the configuration files? What capabilities do the different NovaStar controllers have?

These and similar questions are being answered in the videos.

Video Tutorial; Source: LedTek (E)

Especially easy to understand

At the same time, our videos are well-structured and particularly descriptive. The tutorials consist of two components, an animated laptop with a screen on which the steps to be performed are presented, and next to it the text that explains the steps additionally.

Thanks to the animation of the particular steps you simply have to copy them, but additionally you have the possibility of stopping the video and then comparing your screen with that shown in the video. Thus, you can be entirely sure that the installation of your LED wall is working correctly.

LED YouTube Tutorial

Video Tutorial; Source: LedTek (E)

However, convince yourself of the quality of our videos and have a look at our YouTube channel.

Have you watched our videos and still have questions, or are you interested in our services or products? You are welcome to contact us by phone on +49 551 492 493 44 or by mail to