Lately we get to see more and more advertising in digital form (DOOH = Digital Out-of-Home), especially when strolling through city centres. Either at the supermarket, in windows, or on facades – digital displays start taking over traditional advertising methods.


Mall of Scandinavia, source: Wikimedia Commons

The market for outdoor advertising (OOH = Out-of-Home) remains stable: while ad revenues of traditional media like TV or print stagnated in the last years, outdoor advertisement can look back on a continuing growth and a plus of almost five percent since 2010 (source: IPG Mediabrands). Especially digital outdoor advertising is in trend.

At the moment OOH manages way better than traditional forms of advertisement to adapt by technological innovation, and with that to remain attractive for the advertiser. And this trend will continue: according to the market researcher Magna, the OOH ad revenues will have a more positive development than classic media ads.

There are several reasons for this development. Outdoor advertisement benefits from the consumers that are becoming more and more mobile; also, it does not suffer from the slow, but steady decline of range and audience that editorial media experiences. Additionally, digital innovations increase the attractivity for advertisers, e.g. with outdoor advertising on digital displays: here, one can access weather data to adapt ads in real time. If the weather is good, ads for ice cream and sunglasses are displayed, whereas the ads change to cinema or sauna visits when it is raining. Furthermore, technologies that allow an adaption to the target subject are possible. Interactivity will certainly play an important roll in the future.

While digital formats had a market share hardly worth mentioning in 2015, it increased to around 25 percent by now. 170,000 analogy outdoor ad spaces and 130,000 digital screens face each other today. Also, the sales are increasing: while the revenues of outdoor ads were slightly rising between 2016 and 2018, DOOH can look up onto an even stronger tendency:

Revenues in outdoor advertising

Source: Nielsen Media Research

2016 (in Mio. Euro)

2018 (in Mio. Euro)

Globally DOOH media earned around 6 billion US-dollar in 2018. This makes 18 percent of the total OOH advertising turnovers. Therefore, the share has tripled since 2010.

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