A 4K-Allrounder

The NovaPro UHD Jr is part of NovaStar’s All-in-One series. This means that it has an integrated scaler, which makes an external device for this purpose redundant. Thus, the handling is considerably more comfortable.

The 16 LED outports of the 4K-junior take it to a new level of All-in-One products. In comparison: the VX4S devices are suitable for up to 40m2 of our P3+BL cabinets, the VX6S controllers cope with 60m2 without any problems. However, the NovaPro UHD Jr with its 4K×2K at 60Hz masters 160m2, thus an extra of 100m2 compared to the VX4S. With this come 3 layers, a standing background and 4K. The UHD barely leaves any wishes unfulfilled.

UHD Jr Updates

In case you are interested in the current development status of the NovaStar devices, we prepared a monthly newsletter (so far only in German) that documents software updates and progress. In 2019 e.g. the HDCP 2.2 improvement of the UHD Jr:

HDCP 2.2 is a copy protection that is supposed to secure especially Ultra HD contents from illegal duplication. Before our update in October 2019, there was still a security flaw that needed to be fixed. At purchase, one now has to take a closer look at the compatibility of the devices, otherwise the screen will stay black.

Technical basis data
  • 4K-Scaler with 10,400,000 pixel
  • 3 Layer + BKG/ HDR10/ Low Latency
  • compatible wit CVT4K-M
  • frequently changing domains
  • frequent scaling necessary
  • moblity
  • large events
  • P2+sBL: 70m2
  • P3+BL: 160m2
  • P4+WH: 240m2

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