For a long time, we have been looking forward to finally being able to deliver our new Pro. After all, we have put all our experience and passion into its development. Now it is finally time, the new P4+WH Pro has arrived. You are wondering what is special about the P4+WH Pro? Don’t worry, we provide you the answer!

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Delivery of the P4+WH Pro, Source: LedTek

Our overall solution – your advantages

The P4+WH is with all its advantages a product of close cooperation of different parties. The wall was developed by us with the help of the engineering office EXPO Engineering, it is produced by our manufacturers in China. For the production of the corresponding Tri-Fame we could win the Austrian company A. T. C., and we are as well in close contact with the company Layher – but more about this later. In any case we are happy about working with such experienced and outstanding partners.

The result of the work of this international network is an outdoor wall that has much to offer. Starting with the price performance ratio, because with 1750 Euro per m2 we are offering you a particularly good price for a LED wall of this kind. A wall that makes especially big constructions for festivals, concerts, and other big events particularly easy and safe. We have ordered 2000m2 of the P4+WH Pro. Thanks to our Rentalpool, you always have the possibility to rent identical LED cabinets to add to your own supply, in case you need a LED wall for an event for which the number of your own cabinets is not sufficient. And of course, here, as usual, you benefit from TÜV certification, our 3-year warranty and our LedTek customer service.

However, the Pro-Series is more than simply a good LED wall with a good service-package. It is an overall solution consisting of different components, whose interaction is the special feature of this series. We would like to name in the following what has convinced us of the Pro series.

Simply good: the P4+WH Pro

What makes theP4+WH Pro “simply good”?

Well, our wall is great through its brilliant picture due to a pixel pitch of 4.81 mm. However, its image is not only sharp, but through its luminosity especially bright, so that using it on especially shining days is possible without making sacrifices regarding the image intensity. Besides, the P4+WH Pro is versatile in use as it can also be used in inner areas by simple darkening. The cabinets are available in two different sizes that are compatible with one another, and therefore they offer infinite possibilities of construction.

The P4+WH Pro is simple as the cabinets only consist of three parts: modules, power supply unit, and frame. Like this, repairs that concern replacing parts, even at an event, thus during ongoing operation, are easy to perform. This simplicity it has in common with other components of our Pro Series.

Furthermore, the P4+WH Pro is equipped with a receiving module of the NovaStar Armor Series that features the Low-Latency-Mode. This means that the latency, hence the transmission period of the digital contents on the wall, can be reduced by up to two frames. Especially for live broadcasts the time span makes a big difference.

Solid, safe, handy: The Tri-Frame

Part of our overall solution is a truss system, the so-called Tri-Frame. It gives the necessary stability that an outdoor wall needs to stand firm against wind and weather. Due to the Tri-Frame, the construction around the outdoor wall does not only gain stability, but also simplicity. Through the Tri-Frame one can do without piping to get vertical and horizontal stabilisation. On our homepage you find the static calculation up to wind zone 4, which is already a wind speed of 30m/s.

The Tri-Frame makes especially big structures up to a span of 12 meters possible that only need to be intercepted twice horizontally. This very summer showed us with all its drive-in cinemas how extravagant and treacherous outdoor constructions can be. With our system this belongs to the past. In fact, our Tri-Frame is not only secure, but also simple in construction – and this saves time. It connects to a cabinet frame with a simple click-system and therefore simply needs to be fastened with a bolt. Moreover, it is designed so that it can be screwed onto a Layher-scaffolding without any problems.

And not only does the Tri-Frame bring advantages for the construction of LED installations outdoors, but also indoors it will make simple constructions with upright structure through a basic framework possible.

Time-saving and practical: the new Touring Case

Taking out the cabinets of the cases individually and attaching them to the wall – this has now come to an end. Our touring cases make a faster and a smoother process of this task at the event location possible. You can store the cabinets already cabled and connected in the cases and roll them into the appropriate position below your flying bar. Like this you can add to your LED wall – depending on the span width – entire cabinet rows at once and do not have to attach them individually.

A view into the future: the suitable truss

We are completely convinced by the system of our Pro-Series. However, we have not yet sat down, leant back, and exclaimed “finished”! We want even more; we would like to offer you an overall solution. This means that we do not only focus on the LED cabinets and Tri-Frame of our Pro-Series, but we even go a step further. The cabinets and trusses are not very useful if you do not own a suitable and ideal support structure.

Therefore, this is our next goal: together with Layher and EXPO engineering we are working on a truss for our P4+WH Pro. In the end we would like to offer you a construction book or even an inspection booklet for our Pro Series. We want you to be able to take a look at the construction of the truss verified by the TÜV and structural engineers. Hence you would not have to worry about anything, but you could simply follow the instructions in the construction book – and of course be happy about a stable, save, and simple construction of your P4+WH Pro.

Your NovaStar-advantages

As a NovaStar sales partner, our service does not only include help with issues with broken cabinets, but we are also happy to offer you help with difficulties like programming your wall, running a firmware update or broken sending cards. We have an immediate access to products of the manufacturer through the NovaStar-Europe branch in the Netherlands, thus we can access the necessary parts quickly. Furthermore, we can go back on the collected expertise of the producer and with this knowledge we can support our customers.

Source: NovaStar (E)

We are very proud of our Pro-Series and we want to thank our partners that made the development and production of the different components possible.

In case you have questions on our Pro-Series or other products of us, we would be happy to help you. You are welcome to contact us by phone on +49 551 492 493 44 or by mail to