There is a bandwidth of international regulations, norms and instructions a manufacturer’s electronic devices have to conform with. These are of course useful to guarantee safety and quality. There is for example the safety standard EN-62368-1 that should exclude danger by electric shocks or overvoltage.

For us as a manufacturer of LED walls, of course, norms that are made in particular for lamps are of relevance. This is also the case with the DIN-EN-62471. It regulates the criteria light sources need to have in order to exclude dangers. We are all familiar with the quite uncomfortable effect light can have on one’s body. A sunburn would probably be the most obvious; it can be created by natural sunlight or by the artificial light of a solarium.

Therefore, it is plausible that light sources must not be an endangering for the body. Especially LED walls that are supposed to be looked at – even for longer periods of time as at concerts or a Public Viewing – a risk for the viewer’s sight must not be created.

Thus, the norm regulates how the “photobiological safety” (source) can be guaranteed so that no festival visitor, soccer fan or event technician needs to be concerned about their health.

To be authorized in the EU, products need to receive the CE marking. In order to receive the marking, the LED walls need to conform with the standards determined in the norm EN-62471. However, many walls do not have this kind of proof.

TÜV-Zertifizierung, LED-Wand kaufen, LED-Wand mieten

The quality and safety of our products is of great importance to us. This is why our products are examined by TÜV Rheinland according to the corresponding safety standards. With the TÜV certification we can guarantee our customers that our products are conforming to standards, and that they can be used without any concerns. Furthermore, the TÜV does not only check the finished products on various safety and quality aspects, but also visits the production site of our walls regularly and makes sure the production runs correctly. About a year ago we talked about one of these visits of the production site in Shenzhen on our German blog page.

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