Could you imagine a concert or festival without looking at a close-up of the sweaty faces of the musicians on gigantic LED walls next to the stage? Or a stand at a fair without seeing clips or the company logo flickering in the background? Probably not, as showing images and video material is nowadays part and parcel of any kind of event. It adds up to their special atmosphere and success. Whether it is at a fair, a presentation, or a leisure event: the visual support provided by displays is already well-established and animates sports stadiums, festival grounds and many more. There are several possibilities for the technical realisation, e.g. LED walls and classic video walls. As usual, different possibilities offer different advantages and disadvantages. In this article we would like to look into the advantages that LED walls have over video walls.

Coherent overall picture without black strips

A video wall, consisting of several LCD screens, has one significant feature: the black bar where the screens are put together. This bar disrupts the overall picture and divides it into individual small segments. Even a magnificent photo could not fully develop its effects due to the black bars.

Here, LED walls have a crucial advantage. Although they also exist of single modules and cabinets, they are not visible for the viewer, as the single cabinets do not show any bars that connect the compartments. Therefore, the image can be viewed as a whole and will leave an impression on the viewer.

Video wall with the typical black bars

Quick repair in case of breakdown

If one of the LCD screens of the video walls malfunctioned, the overall picture would be destroyed. The whole segment of the image would stay black or would show another kind of disruption. Afterwards the new screen would have to be calibrated to adapt it to the brightness and colour of the other screens. This means a lot of work and asks for patience.

It is very rare for LED walls to malfunction. If a diode of an LED wall broke, meaning one of the many tiny lamps on the wall, it would probably not even be noticed, and it would not disturb the overall image. One could go on as planned. However, in case the malfunction was disturbing, or more than one diode broke, an exchange of the cabinet would be a quick and easy procedure. For this, LEDBRIX, our outdoor cabinet designed in particular for façade installations, offers the possibility for an uncomplicated front mounting. The cabinets are already coordinated with one another regarding colour and brightness, so a tiresome and time-consuming calibration is not necessary.

Installation of a video wall

Big, bigger, LED wall

Size is obviously impressive. Literally a huge advantage of LED cabinets lies in their flexibility. Thus, besides walls in various forms, especially long and slim or stair-like constructions are possible. In this case the realisation is easy in comparison to big video walls. And the demand for preferably big walls increases. Hence, with the new Pro-series we offer an LED wall for outdoor use that enables by means of its new safety system especially big, however, still stable constructions – with less effort and more time saving.

LedTek in Graz with Pro Video

The right LED wall for any occasion

There is a fitting LED wall for any occasion. Our outdoor series, the P4+WH and the P4+WH Pro, defy wind and weather. They are prepared for rain, snow, and wind. Even bright sunlight does not decrease the image quality of these outdoor walls. Their brightness and depth of colour are not negatively harmed by the sun because the surfaces are non-reflecting. Furthermore, our outdoor walls are distinguished by flexibility: by reducing luminosity they can easily be used inside.

However, we developed our specialist for indoor events: the P3+BL and the P2+sBL convince with a brilliant image quality. They also have a significantly smaller pixel pitch than the outdoor walls and provide a sharp image even with a shorter viewing distance. Like this, indoor events such as fairs or presentations can be held without a loss of image quality.

LedTek in Graz with Pro Video

LED walls on the rise

More and more often clients opt for LED walls instead of the classic video wall. LED walls are on the rise. We hope that we could show you with this article what advantages LED walls have over video walls, that there are plenty, and that they are convincing.

If you are now thinking whether an LED wall was right for you, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with questions or concerns regarding our products. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to