The installation of the LED wall is finished, the product is working, you take a step back and – the following has happened: an LED is broken, it remains dark. The image is disturbed, and the module needs to be exchanged.

This can mean quite some effort with permanently installed LED walls. Of course, there are various LED wall manufacturers that offer walls with a front service. Thus, the broken module can be exchanged from the front without causing much additional work.

However, what is to do if the problem lies deeper? Let’s say, with the power supply? This could not be reached by the normal front service. For repair one would have to go behind the wall and exchange the entire cabinet.

100% front service

We also have a solution for this case: with our LEDBRIX cabinets, a complete front installation is possible. Hence, you can install a permanent installation with our cabinets and enjoy the certainty that you will not have to joggle it for quite a while. With our cabinets you can exchange individual modules easily. And not only that, you can comfortably access the electronics of the cabinet. Like this, you have the possibility to do repair works also from here, without having to squeeze between your LED wall and the wall.

Ledbrix Indoor, Festinstallation, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand mieten

LEDBRIX Indoor, cabinet with six modules, source: LEDTEK

And how does the installation work?

The simple front installation comes from the simplicity of the LEDBRIX Indoor system. The system consists of only three components that can easily be put on top of one another. The bottom level consists of the mounting rails that are being attached to the wall to hold the LED wall later on. The cabinet is attached to the rails; it contains the electronics of the entire construction. The modules sitting on the cabinet form the top level. Here, magnets are used in order to keep the modules in place. And like this, the LEDBRIX Indoor wall is installed.


Indoor-LED with front service, source: LEDTEK

From left to right: mounting rail, LEDBRIX cabinet, LED module

Handy, stylish, cheap

Our practical cabinets do not only have an impact on your effort and your working hours, they also influence the price for spare parts. The small modules of 300 x 112.5mm are of course cheaper than bigger modules. Therefore, in case you needed to exchange a module, with a product of this size you need to exchange a significantly smaller part of the entire wall than with a cabinet with bigger modules. Smaller modules mean less surface, less surface means less material – and less material of course means a lower price.

In sharp – even from up close

LEDBRIX Indoor was designed for permanent installation indoors – as the name already suggests. Here, the distance of the viewer to the LED wall is of course often smaller than outside. Therefore here a clear and sharp image is even more important. To adapt a wall perfectly to your necessities, we offer a whole band width of resolutions for our LEDBRIX Indoor. You can choose the resolution from six different levels – whatever serves your purposes best. The pixel pitches are between 0.93 and 3.75mm. There is something for everyone. Furthermore, all LEDBRIX Indoor cabinets come with the same frame. In case you wanted to change the resolution of your wall at some point, you would only have to attach new modules to your permanent installation – not a new frame, not a new truss, no big effort.

Ledbrix Indoor, Festinstallation, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand mieten

LEDBRIX Indoor, sharpness and brilliance, source: LEDTEK

Shining pictures through the latest technology

The pictures of the LEDBRIX Indoor system are not only as sharp as you wish for. Furthermore, they are as bright, as rich in contrast and radiant as you would want them to. NovaStar’s Image Booster Technology is applicable for LEDBRIX Indoor. With the according tool you can bring the image presentation of your LED wall to perfection. You can read more about the image booster here.

On request, we carry out the calibration of your wall.


The modules of the LEDBRIX Indoor series are produced on order. This means that we do not have them in stock in our warehouse.

Thus, when you order the LEDBRIX Indoor, it usually takes around three to four months until your wall arrives at its destination. That is because our modules are produced on demand, afterwards having to be shipped to Germany all the way from China.

If this takes you too long, we can shorten the delivery time to two months for a small surcharge by sending them out as airmail. As the cabinets are already in our warehouse here in Göttingen, and only the small and light-weight modules need to be transported, the surcharge is indeed modest.

In case you are in a hurry we are offering you an express solution. We install your wall and equip it with our modules which we provide you on a loan basis. As soon as your ordered modules have arrived, we take care of the exchange. Like this, you can get through the waiting time until the arrival of your own modules.

LEDBRIX – Brilliant. Clever.

We presented you our LEDBRIX Outdoor System some time ago. But also here there is news, as we have recently presented you the new LEDBRIX P5.

However, now our indoor variation follows with all the advantages we have listed above. And of course, with all the others that the LEDBRIX Outdoor already offers. Also, you benefit from our 3-year warranty and can depend on our 48-hour exchange service and our TÜV certified quality.

If you are interested in one of our products or have questions regarding LED technology, we would be happy to help you. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 or send an email to