What is All-in-One?

The All-in-One Series combines sending card and scaler. The task of the scaler is to adjust the image. Thus, it scales it in coordination with the format of the LED wall. One can imagine the image zoomed or extended. Of course, without loss of quality or having to cede parts of the picture, as this is the task of the scaler. If one-to-one transfers are not possible, but the formats are similar enough, the scaler enables a reasonably adjusted image. With a device of the NovaStar All-in-One Series, you receive an allrounder that is versatile. Like this, you experience technology carelessly.

VX4S: the bedrock

The VX4S is NovaStar’s smallest allrounder. It operates six different video inputs and outputs, four of them being LED OUT Ports. It supports one layer and convinces with clear hardware. It is a portion of technical variety of the right size. Comfortably easy to operate, it plays small to medium sized events with changing locations. And although it is NovaStar’s oldest, it is by no means no longer up to date. It is as suitable for its dimension as its bigger successors are for theirs. A device that is fun to use.


Technical basis data
  • 2K-Scaler with 2,300,000 pixel
  • 1 Layer/ 1 PIP/ Autoscale
  • frequently changing domains
  • frequent scaling
  • mobility
  • small to medium sized events
  • easy to operate
  • P2+sBL: 15m2
  • P3+BL: 35m2
  • P4+WH: 53m2

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