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VX6S: 4S, but big

In operation and layout, the VX6S follows the application-oriented plainness of its forerunner VX4S. Exactly this simplicity is the advantage of the VX-series. VX4S and 6S do not have any costly extras, but they are rather practical and functional. And with that, the All-in-One devices carry out diligently all that is needed at medium-sized events for mobile LED displays.

The All-in-One series combines sending card and video processor with a scaling function, so that an external scaler is no longer necessary. Picture signals of any size can be displayed as desired. Thereby they are converted to the control signal which the LED wall needs for an appropriate display. For regular, however, diversified and mobile uses, the controllers of the All-in-One series are hence the best choice.

90m2 of the LedTek P4 cabinets can be connected to the in total 6 LED outports of the VX6S. The 2K controller supports three layers and is therefore perfectly suitable for multilevel presentations. For the favoured scaling, one simply needs to push a button. If 4K is not absolutely necessary, VX it is.


Technical basis data
  • 2K-Scaler with 3,900,000 pixel
  • 3 Layer/ Autoscale
  • frequently changing domains
  • frequent scaling necessary
  • mobility
  • medium-sized events
  • P2+sBL: 25m²
  • P3+BL: 60m²
  • P4+WH: 90m²

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