We are very proud of our LEDBRIX system, as it is the ideal solution for any kind of permanent LED installation outdoors. However, we do not once again want to rave about our product. Here you find all the advantages at a glance. One of the many advantages of the LEDBRIX system is for sure its simple assembly.

But how do you actually attach such a LEDBRIX permanent installation to the wall? To answer this question, we want to present you two different ways of installation. Just recently, in December 2020, two of our customers put the according installation of LEDBRIX cabinets into practice.

Variation 1

The first variation was put into practice by Kai Müller of KM Eventservice. Here, MEFA rails, thus assembly rails, are attached to the front of a building. A special assembly board works as a connector between the rails and the frame of the LED cabinets, so that they can be attached safely. Afterwards, the cabinets are simply being attached and like this, the wall is ready for operation. Nonetheless, there is a requirement for using the rails. For this, a proper house façade is necessary. With older buildings or half-timbered houses for example, an uneven surface could cause problems.

Variation 2

The team of TAC Promotion decided to go a different way with their installation of an LED wall. In their case, the cabinets were connected beforehand and placed in the frame. Up front, they left several openings to be able to attach the wall to the façade and to screw it to it. The construction was transported to its domain with a trailer and there, with the help of a crane, attached to the façade. The advantage of this installation without any rails is that one does not meticulously have to pay attention to a perfectly even façade. The integral frame additionally fulfils an aesthetic purpose.

Our Ledbrix cabinets are indeed not intended for permanent installations, however, this does not mean that they are not usable flexibly. We hope that we could with these examples show you that our cabinets can be used in different ways. Like this, they fit any purpose.

If you have questions regarding our products, or would like additional information on one of them, you can contact us anytime. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.