VNNOX is the cloud service of the Chinese company NovaStar. It serves as remote management of LED wall contents and settings. You find more information on the function and possible settings here.

The access to the standard version of the cloud service is included in the purchase of a product of the NovaStar Taurus-series. Besides the free version, NovaStar offers an extensive paid version. We would like to take a look at a few differences of both variations.

Cloud-Lösung NovaStar VNNOX

What extra functions of the so-called AD-version are worth the additional costs:
  1. Cloud Storage

The Standard-version offers a 5GB storage. In most cases this amount is sufficient. The 15GB extra that is included in the AD-variant is useful for those who want to play a bigger number of walls.

  1. Playlist-flexibility

To play the presentation contents, a kind of timetable can be created that is in the free version set in a way that if a spontaneous broadcast of a new video is desired, the whole playlist would have to be changed.

The AD-version, however, offers the possibility to adapt something temporarily within the planned playlist. If necessary, a new video can be added once without changing the whole timetable.

  1. GPS-tracking

Imagine an LED wall on top of a car in front of a supermarket. Visible on the wall are special deals of the store. But now somebody gets in the car and drives it to another parking lot in front of a home-improvement centre or a hotel, the controller of the AD-version automatically changes the according ads, thus cheese and bread become a hammer and room prices.

  1. Emergency function 

With the Emergency Insertion function of the paid version you can inform all LED walls of the affected area about a current plight. Emergency message are played directly onto a controller and like this made public.

  1. Background music

Furthermore, the AD-cloud solution offers an extra channel for background music. Hence the controller becomes an autonomous music player independent from the audio track of the played advertising contents

This is a selection of the additional functions of the AD-version. The paid version of the NovaStar cloud offers even further extras that we did not talk about in this post. We would be happy to give you additional information. Feel free to contact us. You can give us a call at + 49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to