It is a common phenomenon that an LED wall gets dirty from regular use. Indoors and outdoors, it is especially dust that sticks to the wall. This results in the loss of quality, particularly in diminished brightness. To defy dirt and dust, LED cabinets should be cleaned regularly.

For this, only particular tools should be used so the cabinets do not suffer damage. We recommend air compressors, antistatic cleaning cloths and ESD brushes. For stubborn pollution isopropanol as well as a mild cleanser can be used. They should not affect the surface. Hence, they should not rub, they need to be corrosion-free and they need to evaporate residue-free. We recommend you wearing ESD gloves during the cleaning process. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind not to let the electronical parts get in touch with any fluids or cleansers.

Reinigung Mittel Front

Cleansers for the front; source: LedTek (E)

The cleaning of the front starts with compressed air and an ESD brush. If you do not own a compressor that has a water separator as well as an oil separator, you can use a waterless Dust Off spray instead. For LED walls with a pixel pitch of three millimetres or less we recommend you using Dust Off spray exclusively. If dirt still sticks to the surface, you should change to a harder brush.

With outdoor cabinets there is a peculiarity: keep in mind to remove bird droppings promptly. They could damage the cabinets as they are strongly corrosive.

You can clean dirt off the back of the cabinet with compressed air and brushes. You can remove stubborn dirt with mild surface cleansers. We recommend mild plastic cleanser for all plastic components, otherwise the material could become brittle. Moisture that possibly remains should be removed immediately to avoid damage.

Reinigung Mittel Rückseite

Cleanser for the back; source: LedTek (E)

Besides the cleaning, another maintenance step should be mentioned. Grease the bolts and fasteners every now and then. Especially outdoor cabinets are otherwise stiff due to the weather conditions. For this you can use Ballistol, grease, or similar products.

If LED cabinets are wet or moist, they need to be dried before putting them in storage, otherwise they are very likely to be damaged severely. To dry the LED wall, a test program is started. The wall is set to white and the brightness is increased from time to time. This causes the temperature to rise, thus the inner and outer moisture evaporate. This process should be run as well when the cabinets had not been used for more than 15 days. Furthermore, flight cases need to be entirely dry before storing the cabinets.

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