What NovaStar products do I need?

The product variety of the Chinese manufacturer seems to be endless. This is not without reason, as it increases the chance to find a device that suits your needs perfectly.

This time we want to look at the difference between the VX– and the MCTRL-series.

The devices of the M-control-series do not have an integrate video processor. This means that the image input becomes 1:1 the image output. However, controllers of the VX-series offer an inbuilt video scaler that scales the images selected by you and adapts them to the size of the LED wall.

This is the most obvious difference between the two. For a better understanding: in general, there are two types of operation for LED walls. The one is for long-term instalments with a certain number of LED cabinets, the other one for short-term use that is reassembled time and again.

All-in-One: VX6S
NovaStar VX6S All-in-One series

For the latter case of use, the VX-series is suitable. Regarding its integrated scaler it can flexibly play LED walls of varying sizes, but the same format. Changing locations that demand an LED installation of differing size are hence not a problem. The scaler adapts the image to the new size ratio without losing any picture material. It displays the same image, however, depending on the wall, in a smaller or bigger size.

Overview VX6S
VX6S basis data
Pixel 3,900,000 pixels
Layer 3 Layer
Output 6x LED Output

  • 650.000 pixels per output
LedTek Walls
  • P2+sBL: 25m²
  • P3+BL: 60m²
  • P4+WH: 90m²

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Standard Line: MCTRL 660 Pro

The devices of the Standard Line are the right choice for permanently installed walls that will not change size nor format. An example would be the installation of a perimeter advertising or the instalment of a smaller LED wall in the hall of a firm that only displays images that are directly adapted to the format and size of exactly this LED wall. The scaler would be unnecessary and the cheaper variation of the Standard-Line sufficient. Perimeter ads, for example, are especially long and flat. The image and video material need to be adapted to this special format beforehand or the scaler would not be helpful. It would deform the image and make is useless.

Overview MCTRL 660 Pro
MCTRL 660 Pro basis data
  • 2K-sending unit with 3,900,000 pixels
  • Low Latency
  • permanent installations
  • rare scaling
  • scaler can be rented on demand
  • P2+sBL: 25m2
  • P3+BL: 60m2
  • P4+WH: 90m2

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Should you already own a device of the Standard-Line, but all of a sudden be in need of a scaler, an external device can be purchased. You would not immediately have to replace it by one of the All-in-One series. However, it is worth mentioning that the functionality of a device with an integrated scaler exceeds that of the Standard devices in combination with an extra scaler. Moreover, the integrated scaler prevents another device from attaching to the signal source and thus reduces the risk of possible sources of error.

What else is to consider?

There are further points to keep in mind in order to find the device that fits the customer’s purpose best. The products offer a varying number of out- and input numbers and kinds. The number of LED outputs determines how many pixels the controller can control. Per output, the MCTRL300 for example plays 650,000 pixels. With 2 LED outputs, the performance of the smallest M-controller is at 1.3 Million playable pixels. Thus, the first step in finding your perfect NovaStar product would be the determination of the screen size. The controller needs to be efficient enough to play the number of pixels your LED wall brings.

Also, is a redundant backup to be performed? The picture could still be displayed despite of an interruption. It is important to consider that the number of outputs, hence the number of playable pixels cuts in half by running a backup.

A close look at the needs a controller has to fulfil does not narrow down the possibilities of the suitable NovaStar devices in so far that decision is easier to make. We would be happy to assist you in the process.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.

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