If you want to work with LED technology, you always have to keep the factor of power distribution in mind. Especially with outdoor events, where you will not be able to find suitable connections at every corner and the electricity might have to be obtained from a generating set. LED technology has certain requirements in this field that not all power distribution devices can handle. However, exactly this is very important to avoid damage through e.g. overvoltage.

We are aware that the purchase of LED walls is not exactly cheap. This investment should be worth the money. And to grant your LED wall a long lifetime, it is worthwhile to rely on actually good products when it comes to power distribution. It indeed happens every now and then that we are contacted by our customers with the according problems, that e.g. there has been damage to the electricity.

C24-Stromverteilung, StageSmarts, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

C24 by StageSmarts, source: LedTek

To prevent this kind of damage, StageSmarts developed the C24 power distribution. This is a portable power distribution system specially developed for LED light and video technology. The C24 offers 24 channels that are equipped with light sensors to display the connected load and overload. In case of loss of the neutral conductor, the safety switch immediately disconnects the device from the network. Like this, overvoltage damage can be prevented. Additionally, a communication port makes it possible to monitor the system status and all loads from afar.

You can now purchase the C24 by StageSmarts from us for 3,850 euros plus VAT. We know that this means another investment for you. However, it is really worth it as your LED wall is permanently secured against electricity problems with this power distribution. And this is not only easy on the wallet, but also on your nerves.

C24, StageSmarts, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

C24 by StageSmarts, source: LedTek

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