Imagine you could attach your LED wall to your car and take it anywhere with you. And then you would stop somewhere, and it did not matter whether it was raining or snowing, as you could set up your weatherproof wall anywhere you wanted. Sounds good to you? Then have a look at this:

LED-Trailer Transport

LED-trailer, source: LedTek

A mobile total package

We live in fast times. Also, the requirements on event technology are changing. Besides the ability for a safe and reliable permanent installation, the LED walls need to become faster, more flexible and mobile. Here especially the demand towards a steady safety, stability and look of the walls is challenging.

Our answer to this multi-level request is the cost-benefit optimised offer of a mobile LED trailer. Trailers of this kind are produced and sold in different sizes and forms. At the bottom of our offer lies a decision process that is focused on preferably user-friendly operation and purchase.

We owe this, among others and above all, to our long-standing partner Kai Müller from KM Eventservice. Since 2019 he has been surprising us with innovative projects, a disciplined work ethic and technological skills on a regular basis. The other day he drove in our parking lot with his new trailer construction, leaving us behind with amazement. We thank you very much for this cooperation.

LED-Trailer Transport

Mobile trailer-construction by KM Eventservice, source: LedTek

You receive the trailer fully equipped with a 11.25m2 (4.5×2.5m) big LED wall with our Pro-series at a price of 41,000 € plus VAT. Alternatively a leasing of 699 €/month plus VAT for 54 months is possible (after 54 months the trailer can be taken over for a residual value of 15% from the leasing agency). Included are the NovaStar Taurus-player, a wind sensor, static proof, plans and a thought-out overall concept.

The Taurus-players are used as so-called Stand-Alone devices. They access the cloud platform VNNOX and can be controlled via web browser or smartphone, depending on the location. The playing of the mobile LED wall hence does not hold any hidden difficulties that would disturb the recently received flexibility.

LED-Trailer Transport

LED-trailer rear view, source: LedTek

Furthermore, the possibilities for the location of the trailer are unlimited outside of legal requirements. For the commissioning it requires only one person, ten minutes and a power cable. The wall remains upright during the transport with the car, so that the installation and dismantling of the overall construction is made easier. The work with the trailer is quick and easy, so that you can almost use it like a giant smartphone with which you are presenting someone a video. Just place it in the one parking lot in the morning, and in the other one in the afternoon. If you want to, you can even change the location hourly.

LED-Trailer Transport

LED-trailer transport, source: LedTek

The pre-installed “LedTek P4+WH Pro” is moreover an outdoor LED wall that is suitable for the use in humid climate, heat and wind due to its stable construction. Hence indestructible. Nevertheless, should something happen, you enjoy our 3-year warranty as with all other LedTek services

Last but not least: we deliver our construction with a complete proof over static features. And this is not it. We did not choose the size of our LED trailer by chance. A weighing of stability, appearance, user-friendliness and maximization of output had the outcome that this form is the most lucrative: flying constructions with a height of more than 5 metres are subject to an inspection book, according to DIN EN 13814. Our construction remains entirely built-up under this tag and therefore requires neither the purchase nor the regular re-examination of the inspection book.

LED-Trailer Transport

LED-trailer size, source: LedTek

Arcus’ LED-trailer

This offer is only possible through the cooperation with the light-and presentation technology GmbH Arcus. The family business established in 1996 delivers the substructure for the mobile LED wall.

The solution of the work-intensive and drawn from life firm philosophy is a versatile product with thought-out individual elements. Here we are working with a reasonably elaborated construction that does not lack anything. Included is, for example, a wind sensor with an integrated warning system. We are pleased about the cooperation with such a competent partner and would like to thank you at this point as well.

LED-Trailer Transport Unterkonstruktion

LED-trailer Arcus, source: LedTek

LED-trailer Arcus power box with wind warning system, source: LedTek

Feel free to get in contact with us. We are happy to answer your questions regarding our LED-trailer and LED technology in general. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to