In June last year we covered the Hoffork 350-5, which has been available from us since. This 5-point-truss is particularly suitable for hanging LED walls, as it has, as its name already tells us, a fifth pipe. Like this, the centred attaching of the flying bar is made easy. However, for us it is not enough to offer only one appropriate truss. Therefore, we added the Litecraft Truss HD4.

You might have already noticed: at the moment we are expanding our range for accessories and any other technology you need for the successful use of LED walls. In the future, you can rummage around under this link for what you need.

Litecraft Truss HD4, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

Litecraft Truss HD4, Quelle: LMP (H)

And as we try to have articles in stock for everyone as good as possible, it is important to us to offer products of different manufacturers and price ranges. Hence, we are now offering the Litecraft Truss HD4 apart from the Hoffork 350-5. Also, this truss was constructed particularly for the use with LED walls. The fifth pipe, however, is located on the bottom of the truss, not centred between the four other pipes. This causes the flying bar to hang a little lower. If you do not mind that, the Litecraft Truss is your cheaper alternative to the Hoffork. The advantage of the centred attachment is not diminished with that. With its black powder coating, the Litecraft Truss fits – just like the Hoffork – when it comes to colour perfectly with our flying bar. With us, you can choose between the 2m-, 2.5m- and 2m-variant.

In any case, we will keep you up to date with what accessories you can get from us. Furthermore, if you have questions, we are available for you. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to