Deeper, brighter, darker, stronger

LED technology is especially a popular alternative to other picture and video presentation systems because of its luminosity. The pixel technology enables bright, as well as deep black display areas, that produce spectacular contrasts in combination. Black on LED walls is displayed by one pixel that is not darker but switched off completely. Like this, a deeper tint is displayable.

The HDR Master 4K puts these advantages of LED technology on a new level. LED walls have always been colour intensive, but now they are even more intensive. It makes bright brighter, colourful more colourful and good even better.

The HDR function increases the brightness span of the images and increases the colour depth from eight up to ten bits. Like this, in total more colour values and nuances can be set, which in smaller increments come closer to a realistic image. A device of the superlative.

NovaStar HDR Master 4K
HDR Master 4K basis data
General information
  • 4K-video processot from SDR to HDR
  • Autoscale/ BKG/ LOGO/ Hot Backup
INPUT DP 1.2/ HDMI 2.0/ 12G-SDI

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