All LED outdoor operations are in their safe realization a complex procedure. Not only because they are exposed to the weather, which is never entirely predictable. Like this, e.g LED stage constructions are often inadequately secured against the construction falling towards the audience because they are too close to the auditorium.

Outdoor walls are especially endangered because they are too weak to catch a headwind. Sudden winds and storms could destroy the construction. An external protection of the walls, e.g. by shielding front structures is not possible; it would cover the display and only a part of the image would remain.

To use LED-technology safely outdoors, the wall itself needs to be equipped with enough safety precautions.

It’s all about statics

One possibility is the LedTek Tri-Frame, a three-point truss. It is placed behind every other cabinet directly to the wall and the overall construction is supported horizontally twice.

Cheaper and more spontaneous: stability assurance via pipes that reinforce the wall vertically and horizontally. The pipe system needs to be supported horizontally twice as well to prevent tilting.

In cooperation with Expo Engineering we had a static examination for a selection of different pipe types and their outdoor suitability in order to expand our Tri-Frame. Just in case that for once there will be no Tri-Frame at hand. The static calculations for the pipe back construction of our Pro-Series are now accessible on our website.

The records contain general information on handling and mounting methods, as wells as precise designs for wind load, and the individual pipe types.

Expo Engineering is Germany’s largest engineering company for statics and event technology. Already in the development and design of our stabilizing three-point truss, we successfully cooperated. The Tri-Frame connects, just like the pipes, with the back of the LedTek Pro-series. It is not necessary to screw it in place like the pipes, instead it is connected with the cabinet frames with a simple click-system. You find more information on the Tri-Frame technology here.

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