Power distributions are important components for the assembly of LED walls. We already reported about this topic when we introduced you the StageSmarts C24, which you can purchase from us. We can highly recommend it, but we had our own ideas…

And we could make these ideas a reality with Connex. Together with the manufacturer from Oldenburg it was possible to realize a power distribution which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of LED walls. The 63-Ampère power distribution offers, like the C24, a 400 Volt protection and conforms with the safety class IP44. A measuring computer shows the overall consumption so that this can always be kept in view. Just like the C24, it offers 24 outports that are additionally equipped with Siemens RCBO fuses. These are the only fuses of this type currently approved by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association in Germany.

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Connex power distribution, source: LedTek

What was important to us: the Connex power distribution is splashproof and hence ideal for outdoor use. Temporary and unaesthetic solutions like power distributions covered in plastic bags as a shield from water and dirt are now in the past.

Of course, you can purchase the new power distribution from us. At a price of 2750€ plus VAT it is also a cheaper alternative for the StageSmarts C24. Soon you will be able to browse through our accessories shop here, where you are guaranteed to find the best solution for your requirements and ideas.

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