Have you looked around the NovaStar shop looking for the VX4S – without any success? We tell you why: instead of VX4S, it is now called VX4S-N, as the NovaStar bedrock is now replaced with its successor. You don’t have to worry because the differences are small and pleasant. Here is an overview:

Do I now have to replace my old VX4S with a new device?

No, the VX4S is doing its deed as fine as it did before. Should you already own a device, you can still use it without any restrictions.

Is the new device more expensive?

No, it is even the opposite. The price was adapted, but it was lowered.

Do the devices have the same connections?

Almost. The VX4S was reduced by half of its analogue connections (ex. VGA). However, these were often times not even used and are not contemporary.

Are there more differences?

Yes, instead of SDI 1,5G there is now SDI 3G. This is important for the support of the technical newer picture display type of the 1080p. The VX4S was not able to receive an SDI-signal without restrictions. With the SDI 3G of the successor, this problem belongs to the past.

Hence, a device reduced and increased in the right places. Cheaper, and otherwise just as good. Well done, NovaStar.

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