We have news that blew our minds: our Pro-series has not even been available for a year. And still, we already sold the first 1,000 m2. We hoped our P4+WH Pro would appeal to our customers. After all, we were as convinced to have 2,000 m2 produced in the beginning. Well, we did not want to enthuse on here again, as we already did that in abundance. If you want to convince yourself with the advantages of our Pro-series, we recommend taking a look at this.

Our expectations how our Outdoor-LED-wall would be received were exceeded. Thus, we could hardly consider ourselves luckier.

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More than 50 companies in Germany, Austria and by now even France decided to purchase our Pro-series over the last year. With this, we are not only widespread by numbers, but also geographically. This is what we hoped, and the reason why we bought 2,000 m2 in the first place. The distribution of the P4+WH Pro has great advantages for the Rentalpool. The more partners own the Pro-series, the more can exchange it with one another and lend their cabinets. Hence, if somebody wants to build an LED wall with more cabinets than they have, they can rent further cabinets from other LedTek-partners.

Our hopes were high, and our convictions of the product’s quality were as well. We could not be happier that we were confirmed in our assumption. And we are a little proud, too. Such a quick sale of 1,000 m2 to such a number of excellent and notable firms is our biggest praise. And in the end, our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority.

We thank you for the trust in our Pro-series and are happy about every single partner that decided to purchase the P4+WH Pro or will do so in the future.

If you are still thinking about the purchase of the P4+WH Pro, do not hesitate to contact us via phone at +49 551 492 493 44 or via mail to vertrieb@ledtek.de. We are happy to advise you with finding the LED wall that is suitable for your ideas.