Speeding up the assembly of our Pro-series by more than 20%? Yes, it is possible – with our new Touring Cases. They complete the all-around-package of the series. Quick, easy and safe was our motto for the P4+WH Pro. And also the Touring Case was developed under these requirements. It is nonetheless slightly bigger and heavier than the regular Flight Case, but it offers the advantage that the cabinets can be wired already in the case. Hence it is possible while installing to take several cabinets out of the case at the same time and integrate them into the wall. This means saving of time especially for bigger constructions. How quickly a 15m²-wall can be assembled can be seen in the following video. Spoiler: it takes longer to make coffee.

You might have noticed that we were inspired by an absolute classic by Kling & Freitag. This iconic video cannot be outgone, so we did not even try to. Instead, we wanted to offer you a tribute-version to pay our respect to the original. If, for some completely inexplicable reason, you have not yet seen the original video by Kling & Freitag, you can enjoy it here:

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