It’s one thing to decide to use an LED wall. However, this decision entails a few things: Namely, which cabinets does it need?  Which controller do I use? How large should the construction be in total?  How do I put the static specifications into practice? And how do I wire the final setup?

Nerve-racking? Potentially. But you no longer have to worry about these questions. We’ll take care of that for you. Or rather, our new tool does the job.

What it can do

In fact, everything. The only thing you need to do is to know what you want your setup to look like.

At you will find a form where you can fill in all the important details. You simply enter which LED wall should be used, which controller you have, the size of the wall, whether it should be set up in- or outdoors and several more. Simply select the options that apply to you, click “Create PDF” and that’s that.

The LED wall planner now provides you with a document where you can find everything important for your project: The technical data of your LED wall, its resolution as well as the best wiring option for power and data cables. You can also see from the document how to fasten the flying frames to meet the static requirements. And so that really nothing can go wrong, you will also receive a packing and checklist, with which you can review and check off the material and necessary steps for your LED construction.

  • LED wall planner
  • LED wall planner
  • LED wall planner
  • LED wall planner
  • LED wall planner
  • LED wall planner
Safety is our business

Certainly, our intention was to make your work easier on the one hand. After all, the planner spits out the answer to all important questions regarding your LED wall and its assembly. However, the main goal of the whole thing is, once again, the topic of safety. As you know, especially with outdoor setups, for example, uneven surfaces or strong winds can have an impact on the statics.

The P4+WH Pro including its accessories, such as the Tri-Frames, the Layher scaffolding or the construction book is one answer to this question of stability.

However, the new planner tool is intended to make the topics of safety and stability even more tangible for you. Because once you have entered all the details in the planner, the PDF illustrates not only what materials you need, but also how the setups must be implemented safely and in accordance with the guidelines.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using our new tool as much as we enjoyed making it. And, of course, that it will be of benefit to you. If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know. And if you feel like something is missing, don’t worry. We will not only incorporate customer suggestions and requests, but also expand the planner autonomously.

By the way, if you notice that you are missing material while using the planner, you can visit our Rental Pool 2.0 right afterwards!

Oh, and you can watch the use of our planner again in detail in this video:

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