Our Touring Cases take on the challenge

Our Touring Cases take on the challenge

Facing each other in a big area: two teams. The views are determined, the muscles and tendons are tense, the scratching of hooves has begun. And then – the starting signal.

The duel of the cases

The venue of this dramatic duel was the Lokhalle in Göttingen. Here, we were recently facing the team of klar&deutlich – serious opponents in Göttingen’s event technology scene. But don’t worry, we did not turn violent. Neither did we hold the next spelling bee competition. Our experiment was all about the question: who can do it quicker?

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The assembly of LED walls takes skill. Under certain circumstances it can take some time. With our P4+WH Pro and the according Tri-Frame we are counteracting this. The installation is quick and easy to do. To increase time saving and efficiency even further, we furthermore developed the new Touring Cases. At the venue we now wanted to find out in how far the Touring Cases could speed up the assembly of the P4+WH Pro.

For this purpose, both teams set up an 15m² LED wall with cabinets of the Pro-series. We used the Touring Cases, while klar&deutlich used the common Flightcases.

The result: our team was 20 percent faster!

We feel reassured: our P4+WH Pro is already so quick in its assembly, it can barely be improved!

Touring Cases, klar&deutlich, LED Wand leihen, LED Wand kaufen

The right choice: Flightcase or Touring Case?

But seriously: the experiment proved that both cases have their right to exist. As always, the choice depends on the circumstances. For smaller constructions, we would recommend the Touring Cases a little less. Here, the Flightcases have an advantage as they are smaller, lighter and hence easier to handle. With bigger LED walls, the Touring Cases are worth it. The cabinets are stored wired in the case so that one can take several cabinets out of the case at once and attach them to the wall. Like this, one can save time with the assembly at the venue.

You can take a look at the competition here:

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