The time has come, a new (production) round for our Pro-Series is up! The outdoor wall was fortunately as popular as we hoped for. The first batch is coming to an end and hence it is time for a new one. And the P4+WH Pro of the second version is practically already on its way to us. Of course in a fair amount, we have not skimped and once again produced in high quantity. 2,700m2 of the V2 of the Pro-series will soon arrive with us and are good to go after a check by our staff here in Göttingen. As soon as possible, we will be ready to ship them out to you.

Mix and match?

If you want to expand your stock of V1 cabinets, you should rather hurry before it is all gone. The cabinets of the two batches are practically compatible, but production-related differences cannot be excluded entirely. And don’t worry, if you ever need a cabinet of an earlier batch, you can take a look at our Rental Network. Or get in touch with us, as we have an overview on which cabinets are still available and will look for a solution with you.

If you have enough time left until you need the wall, it is worth the wait for the V2. The cabinets can be ordered as of now. They will be available in July or August this year and will be send out to the buyers by us. Nonetheless, do not wait for too long, as the first square metres of the P4+WH Pro V2 will be sold at an introductory price. Hence, it is worth purchasing as soon as possible.

Same old, but different

The P4+WH Pro turned out to be a success and proved itself at different venues. Therefore, the cabinets of the Pro barely changed. However, they received a little update at last. We now offer you the option to order the cabinets with magnetic LED modules. This means less screws and magnets instead that keep the modules in places. Additionally, the controller will no longer have to be removed for the exchange of the modules. If a broken LED module will have to be exchanged in a hurry, the magnetic modules offer the necessary saving of time and will make your life easier. Our Pro is produced for the quick and easy exchange of individual elements anyways, and technical faults are rare, so that the magnetic module is not mandatory. Nonetheless, if you wish for this little extra of safety, you can get it from us.

Recap: everything at a glance

Would you like to take a look at the P4+WH Pro from all angles? No problem, via this link you can take a look at the wall in 3D.

Or get the Pro virtually at home. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet – and off you go!

QR-Code AR Pro

You have questions or want further consultation? Feel free to give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or write us an email to