LED banners have been part of our repertoire for several years. Nevertheless, they are one of the key elements of sports sponsoring and they are indeed popular. While continuously developing our P4+WH Pro, which can offer several different fields of application as an overall solution, we even came up with an idea for our perimeter systems. Also here, we wanted to stick to the foundation of our Pro-series: safety and quality despite simple manageability.

Quick installation, simple manageability

Making an LED banner out of your LED display? This is no longer a problem! Instead of special cases that were necessary with our old perimeter advertising, the Touring Cases are sufficient now. Once taken out of the cases, the installation can start because this only requires a few simple steps: fold out the foot and secure it with bolts, connect it to the cabinet through the Tri-Frame connection and lock it with bolts here as well – and the banner is ready! You don’t believe us? Convince yourself:

By the way, we owe this simple and efficient construction to our partner TBL-Music, who did a great job in developing it. Thank you very much!

Solid and resistant

Despite the simple construction and the quick installation process, you should not draw any fallacies here – the LED perimeter system is solid and withstands sports equipment that is flying around without a problem. The LED perimeter remains stable and is due to this so excellently suitable for the dangerous use at the sidelines. Whether the field is in- or outdoors does not play a role here. The P4+WH Pro wall is generally speaking an outdoor wall but can also be used indoors.

One wall for everything

With our Pro-series as an overall solution, we want to offer you a system that consists of a wall with numerous options. Instead of needing a different wall that also brings its own accessories for every occasion, you will only need the P4+WH Pro with its suitable substructures. Like this, you can use your LED wall flexibly and are equipped for all kinds of events.

LED-Bande, Bandenwerbung, LED-Bandensystem

LED banner, source: LedTek

Purchase or rental

Our LED perimeters have made themselves a home with a number of different handball, football and basketball leagues throughout Germany. Also, you can purchase them from us. For a less permanent use you also have the opportunity to rent the perimeter systems from us. We have 100m in stock here in Göttingen.

Do you have further questions? Give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.