The Taurus Players TB3, 6 and 8 by NovaStar are a controller series with an integrated media player. Their main field of application is in outdoor advertising. Now the company for LED controlling solutions replaces its former Taurus devices with a new trio and with that changes several familiar functions. Here we want to explain you what this exactly means.

What remains the same?

In some characteristics, the successors are similar to its predecessors: by name, the NovaStar cloud software VNNOX can be used with all units, all units have the basic requirement to integrate the NovaStar 4G cabinet, also nothing has changed with regard to the light sensor.

What is new?

Significant on the one hand is the integration of a new, better processor in the successors. Changes were made especially with the number of outputs. While the TB in its development to the TB30 did not receive one output more or less, the TB6 (now TB50) is no longer available in its original form.

The discontinued model offers four outputs in general that can optionally be used as two primary and two backup ports. The successor TB50 runs with only two LED OUT ports that can also be used as primary or backup. The computing capacity of both outputs does not differ to the forerunners, however, now one can no longer play 30sqm with a backup option, but 15sqm, e.g. with the P4+WH. Regarding the price, the two devices do not differ.


Devices of the Taurus series of the new generation, source: NovaStar, LedTek

The TB8 is now the TB60, and still works with 4 LED OUT ports. Nonetheless, a difference is the flexibility of the outputs. The TB60 offers the option to use the 4 LED OUT ports either as primary or backup port. The TB6 did not offer this option, the function of the outputs was determined.

Another comprehensive change is the removal of one of the WLAN ports from the devices. While the original models were able to establish a connection between WLAN and a computer at the same time with two WLAN ports, this is no longer possible.

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