In Berlin, a new festival made its entrance: the Tempelhof Sounds took place for the first time this year. From 10 to 12 June ca 30,000 festival visitors stormed the grounds of Tempelhof Airport in expectation of listening to the best Indie-, Rock- and Pop sounds. And they did not get disappointed, as they could marvel at 47 top acts on three different stages. And those who could not be there in person had the chance to still be a part of it, thanks to the cooperation with Arte concert – even if it was only from their own living room.

The festival premiered with an impressing line up. With artists and bands like The Strokes, The Libertines, Florence + the Machine, Muse, Maximo Park, and many, many more, the organisers made the hearts of the music fans beat faster. The visitors could dance and party at best festival weather – and that even sustainably.

New, nice, and sustainable

Tempelhof Sounds made it their mission to provide an inclusive cultural meeting place with focus on equality, diversity and sustainability. Therefore, the host considered a clever concept: only dry toilets were used on the festival ground. With this, water and CO2 could be saved and chemicals were not needed. The waste products are also put to good use here, namely as high-quality recycled fertiliser. In terms of waste management, a concept was developed to make recycling possible despite the festival atmosphere. The power supply for the festival was also thought through so that only green electricity was used at Tempelhof Sounds.

Always on the safe side

A festival like this has a relatively high power consumption. An addition to all the technology that needed to be powered on Tempelhof airport was our P4+WH Pro. And besides the topic of sustainability, the topic safety is one that is capitalised at all festivals. It is generally understood: the term “festival weather” is pretty extendable and can mean everything from thunderstorms to heat or drought. It is of course essential that festivals have an appropriate security concept and that neither the visitors, the artists nor the staff are put in danger. Our P4+WH Pro fits perfectly into such a safety concept. As an outdoor wall it was not only created by us to have an outstanding image quality, but especially with the focus on stability and safety. With all its accessories, like the Tri-Frames and the Layher scaffoldings, it is prepared for all weather conditions and like this the suitable solution for festivals of any size.

Nearly 90m2 of the Pro-Series came into use at Tempelhof Sounds. It was installed and run by the exposive medien gruppe, who we have been privileged to accompany in their work for some time now. The assembly by exposive contained besides the Pro-cabinets also the Tri-Frames and a Layher chair, and was calculated and verified statically. What exactly makes our Pro the optimal wall for any outdoor event and which securities and advantages you can enjoy with it, we explained for you here. But you can also see the Pro-series for yourself in video form. Just take a look at YouTube.

The right decision for any festival

No matter if small or big – regarding safety, luminosity, reliability and image quality, the P4+WH Pro is the right choice for any festival and outdoor events of any size. We would like to thank exposive for their confidence in our LED technology and the use of our Pro at the successful premiere of the Tempelhof Sound.

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