We already announced it some time ago, version 2 of our popular P4+WH Pro will launch soon. The prototypes are finished, the production is running, and we hope to have it here with us in Göttingen by the end of August to hand the cabinets over to you. We produced a proper amount – 2,700m2 will make their way to Göttingen – but do not hesitate for too long to place your order. You can already do that now and receive the first square metre of version 2 at a one-off introductory price.

Separating or mixing?

What is always our advice: if you already own a V1 you should stay with this batch if you want to expand your stock in the long-run or simply want to rent additional cabinets. Therefore, the same goes also for version 2. Nonetheless, it is no big deal if that does not work out for once. Because the good thing with our LED walls is that they can be combined with one another and adapted regarding brightness and colour – even if one cannot reach a one hundred percent match. The process of calibrating two cabinets of different batches is a little more complex than with two cabinets of the same batch. Nevertheless, it is still easy to master.

In case of the P4+WH Pro version 1 and version 2, the span for the best colour and brightness fidelity is between 250 and 4,400 Nits. The results of the colour adaption even surprised us, to be honest. Although several things changed in the production between the first and second version of the Pro-series – like changing from MBI 5252 to MBI 5253 between the batches – both of them can be adjusted well to each other. As the photos suggest: one cannot see a difference between colours or brightness (on the left version 1, on the right version 2).

4,700 m2 P4+WH Pro

You probably already know about our Rental Pool. There, LedTek customers can connect with one another and rent out their LED cabinets. The V1 of our Pro-series is sold out by now, this means that we have 2,000m2 of the outdoor wall spread across Germany and even beyond. If the 2,700m2 of the version 2 are added, one can practically access an infinite stock of P4+WH Pro cabinets. By the way: version 2 can do everything version 1 can. Of course, it offers an Image Boost and is compatible with all the other elements of the Pro-series, like the Tri-Frame, the Layher scaffolds and much more. We actually even thought about a very nice extra. Curious? Come along here!

You have further questions? No problem, we are happy to advise you. Give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.