New receiving cards, a new software, a new glass fibre converter, new sending systems. The CX80 Pro is a controller of the new NovaStar controlling system COEX. The device works together with the new visual administration platform VMP and is the first 8K controller by NovaStar.

With this is becomes clear hat the CX80 Pro does not do things by halves. Which innovations it exactly offers, we will introduce here:

Basis data CX80 Pro
General Input Output
  • 8K Controller
  • 5Gbit-system
  • Modular system for input cards
  • VMP software
  • CA50E 5Gbit-receiving card
  • Nova-Image-Engine
  • Compatible with CVT8

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The CX80 Pro supports a resolution of 7680×4320@30Hz and is with this particularly suitable for high-definition applications. The system of the CX80 works similar to the H-series by NovaStar. It is a modular system in the input area for which three input cards can be selected according to application. Because of the 5.5-inch touch LCD screen the device can be used uncomplicatedly and intuitively.

The 5Gbit receiving card system replaces the former 1Gbit variant and enables the Full HD transfer with just one data cable. In comparison to the MX40 Pro of the MX-series, the CX80 Pro incorporates 5x the data amount and is with that in every aspect an exceptional device. With the MX- and KU-series it only shares the new VMP software system.

For the CX80 Pro, there is therefore a new generation of 5Gbit glass fibre converters. The CVT8 seems therefore familiar in its basic functions and reminds of the former models. Differences show only in the software and the price difference of the single and multimode of the device.

Because of its fundamentally different systems, the CX80 Pro is at the moment the only NovaStar controller that is not compatible with all LedTek-series. The familiar Armor-series by NovaStar cannot be connected with the new system. Instead, you can choose between the receiving cards CA50 E and C (Ethernet and USB-C). The CX80Pro is not a typical controller but it is rather constructed fpr permanent and especially special applications like XR-studios that demand a forward-looking technology. While for the normal use in rental the devices of the MX-series come into picture, the CX80 Pro is due to its data processing especially suitable for high frequencies.

CX80 Pro LED-Controller

NovaStar CX80 Pro, source: NovaStar (H)

Nonetheless, even if the CX80 Pro primarily drives special missions, the close cooperation with NovaStar will allow to continuously report its new features. The CX80 Pro is after all part of a new generation of VMP controllers, long-term an important system of LED controlling solutions.

if you have further questions regarding the new NovaStar Software VMP, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to