NovaStar offers several extender devices to transmit signals. As of late, the CVT10 has been available also in the Pro-version. To give you an overview, we have compiled the most important information about the new device.

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The CVT10 Pro is produced in the single (CVT10 Pro-S) and multimode version (CVT10 Pro-M). The models differ first and foremost in the possible transmission distance. With the CVT10 Pro-M 300m, and with the single mode version up to 20km can be covered.

Nonetheless, also other basic functions of the extender series are part of the new series. Therefore, the operation is familiar and intuitive, and the device was constructed for all kinds of uses. The Pro-variant cannot only be turned in all directions and positioned as unobtrusive as possible, it also offers a special suspension possibility for trusses.

Another new feature is the IP65 protection against contact, ingress of foreign bodies and water. What this ability means exactly, you can read about regarding the LedTek P4+WH Pro on our news page.

CVT10 Pro M NovaStar

NovaStar CVT10 Pro, source: NovaStar (H)

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