You may increasingly find a NovaStar controller with the name VX400 on some websites and ask yourself: where is it from? What can it do? And what does all of that have to do with the VX4S-N? We will look into that and will explain the most important changes for you here:

The product catalogue of the market-leading manufacturer contains an almost confusing range of different LED controllers that not only receive regular software updates but are also replaced almost as frequently by a successor device. That is especially because NovaStar always reacts to the latest technological demands and innovations and adapts their devices accordingly. The scope of the product range is therefore justified. Therefore, the production of the VX4S-N was suspended and will be completely replaced by the new version “VX400”. With the VX4S-N, the last device of the VX-series is exchanged.

VX4S-N vs. VX400

Both controllers are part of NovaStar’s All-in-One-series. These devices differ from the Standard Line especially by their integrated scaler that has to be connected externally for the devices of the Standard-series. The VX4S-N just recently replaced it predecessor VX4S that was overhauled due to outdated connection options and a less good option for the reception of SDI-signals. With the VX400, the device series goes a step further:

The device seems visually a bit higher than the VX4S-N, as it offers several additional connections in comparison to its predecessor. Among other things, optical fibre connections and a light sensor connection have been added, which optimally equips the VX400 especially for fixed installations. Furthermore, during the development of the device, other existing connections were optimised. Now one can find two HDMI 1.3 connections with the VX400, as well as a HDMI LOOP connection, a 3G SDI and a DVI LOOP connection. While previous devices also worked with the PIP-function (Picture In Picture), that did not allows the free scaling of the individual Layers, the two Layer of the VX400 are freely selectable and controllable via the V-CAN control platform. Another innovation is the option of the Low Latency mode. With the latest renewed device of the VX-series, all doors are open to you.

As always with NovaStar, you can continue using the earlier model without any issues, as long as you do not need any of the added options for your purposes. We will be happy to present the advantages and disadvantages of the new device in practice and the applications for which it is particularly well suited in a practical test in the near future.

VX400 NovaStar Controller

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Technical basis data
  • Scaler with 2,600,000 pixels
  • 2 Layer/ Low Latency/ Autoscale
  • Light sensor input

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