An LED wall lives from many interlocking details. This includes the carefully arranged pixels, the perfect transitions of the individual modules, the reliable power supply and an application-oriented LED controller. However, besides these visibly impressing components, the receiving card that is integrated in the LED cabinet should not be forgotten. It is crucial for the operation of the LED wall.

Hence, NovaStar is continuously working on the improvement and development of its different receiving cards. The latest version is the A10s Pro, part of the new COEX-series of the market leader. What this means exactly, and what innovations the A10s Pro offers, you can read below.


The new controlling system by NovaStar consists, amongst other things, of the industry-wide first 8K-controller, of new 5G receiving cards and an entirely new software platform (VMP). The new Nova-Image-Engine also provides a ground-breaking visual experience.

Functions of the A10s Pro

You might have heard of the possibility to Image Boost or to Precise grayscale. If these functions can be used by you depends on your receiving card that is built into your LED cabinet. You can read more about the options of the cards here.

New possibilities that the A10s Pro offers in comparison to its predecessors is the option to Full grayscale calibration, to Shutter fit, and the availability of a Dynamic Booster. The Dynamic Image Boost in particular marks the main difference to the previous variants. The A8s receiving card installed in the P4+WH PRO already features the standard version of Image Boost. You can read about its three main tools here. The Dynamic Boost even goes a step further regarding the perfect image in the high-end range. In comparison to the A8s, the new card offers a more dynamic colour gamut calculation. This results in smoother colour gradients in all brightness levels of the LED wall.

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