If one decides to purchase an LED wall, they have certain ideas and demands for the product. A stable and safe structure, a long lifespan, weather resistance, and an intensive and appealing image are only a few of the characteristics that one could wish for from an LED wall. We accepted this challenge with our P4+WH Pro and mastered it by developing the Pro-series as an overall system. And thanks to NovaStar’s hands-on work we can introduce you “the icing on the cake” for the Pro-series: the Image Boost.

The NovaStar Image Boost

You might think that the Image Boost is nothing new. And with this, you are of course not completely wrong. We already talked about this technology here and there. And we are happy to do so, because NovaStar has really brought a stroke of genius to the market that we are completely convinced of. After all, the Image Booster makes a drastic improvement of the image quality possible. It allows detailed picture content and more realistic colours, so that the entire potential of an LED wall can be realised. With the tools of the Image Boost technology, poor elements like contour plots, image noise or colorimetric shifts can be visibly decreased. They make it possible to offer the viewer a much more pleasing image.

Whether indoors or outdoors – the best image everywhere

Most recently, the Image Boost has helped to perfect the P4+WH Pro for indoor use. The outdoor wall is equipped with an impressive luminosity – after all, it is supposed to deliver a clear and colour-intensive image even on bright sunny days – but we also thought about its indoor use when designing it. Like this, the brightness of the cabinets can be reduced easily to adapt it to the lighting conditions inside. However, this can cause a loss of the colour dynamic range, which in turn affects the picture quality. Nonetheless, the Image Boost offers the perfect solution for this. Here you can read how this is done exactly.

Now, however, it is new and exciting that there is another update of the Image Boost for our Pro-series. This time, it offers an optimized colour space for the outdoor use of the LED wall. The Image Boost cannot only ensure that an LED wall exploits its full potential. No – it allows furthermore that different LED walls can be adjusted so precisely to each other that hardly any difference in the reproduction of brightness, contrast and colour can be seen any more. The Image Boost works with a calibration file which in turn refers to a specific colour space. Like this, LED walls of different manufacturers can be adapted to one another, as long as they offer the same colour space. If the computer on whose monitor the image content such as graphics or videos for the LED wall was created also works with the corresponding colour space, you can also rely on a true-to-original reproduction on the wall.

Boost your visual experience

To ladle the full potential of you LED wall with little effort becomes a proverbial piece of cake thanks to Image Booster technology. As an official NovaStar partner shop we are at your side with advice and support. See for yourself what else is in your LED wall. Click here for instructions on how to install the Image Boost.

Do you have further questions? We are happy to help you! Give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de