“Stronger together.” This is not only a worn-out saying, but this is notably true for LEDs – and not only regarding luminosity. We played on this exact guideline for our new QUADTEK technology.

QUADTEK, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

QUADTEK technology, source: LEDTEK

All good things come in fours

The name might already give away that the QUADTEK technology is connected to the number four. This number is the key to success with this technology. The surface of an LED wall with QUADTEK does not consist of the usual individual LEDs that are placed next to each other. Instead, four SMD LEDs are connected to a unity on a QUADTEK wall. The light-emitting diodes are mounted in fours on a square surface. This in turn is then soldered to the PCB of the LED cabinet.

Strength through connection

With the QUADTEK technology, LED cabinets can be built that indeed offer a high resolution but are incredibly durable. This is because combining four LEDs into one element changes the distribution of forces in the event of possible blows or impacts that may act on the surface of the module. In a combination of four, the small LEDs are thus much more resistant than if they were all standing individually. Like this, the QUADTEK SMDs can withstand 10 times more power of impact than the usually individually standing SMDs. Despite its excellent robust character, the QUADTEK technology makes LED walls possible that live up to the High End field due to its high resolution. This makes them particularly interesting for rentals. Here, cabinets are continuously packed, assembled, and packed again before they are transported to the next location. This ensures the dual claim of high resilience and robustness on the one hand and outstanding image quality on the other.

Spectacular and non-reflective

The image quality plays a superior role in many areas. Especially when the LED walls are used as a flexible moving picture background in film and movie studios, relevant camera-friendly features are essential. Besides the resolution of an LED wall, one has to pay special attention to the light reflections. The QUADTEK technology does not seal the entire surface, as the LEDs are already sufficiently stabilized by clustering four diodes into one element. As a result, QUADTEK LED walls reflect hardly any light and can thus produce a rich black. The Moirré effect is also reduced accordingly.

QUADTEK, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

QUADTEK comparison with P3+BL, source: LEDTEK

Easy to repair

The fact that the entire surface is not sealed, as it is the case with the GOB and COB processes, has further practical reasons. After all, although sealing with epoxy resin has a protective and stabilising effect, it firstly increases the light reflection on the wall and secondly makes it impossible to repair individual pixels. One can try to cut the surface open, exchange the according LEDs and seal it, but this does not happen without optical losses for the LED cabinet. The only solution when it comes to individual broken pixels would be the exchange of the entire cabinet – which would mean a certain cost factor. With the QUADTEK wall it is sufficient to exchange the affected pixels and the cabinet is as good as new.

LEDTEK at the Prolight + Sound

You probably guessed it already: once we start talking about an interesting new technology on here, then the corresponding LED wall series will not be long in coming. You want to be among the first people that find out more about the new wall? Then visit us at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt from April 25 to 28. You can find us in hall 12.1 at stand E97. Come on by!

LEDTEK customer service

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