LCB4K is a new product by our well-known partner NovaStar. The multimedia-player, that is suitable for LCD- and LED-displays alike, reminds of the devices of the Taurus-series. And you are not entirely wrong with that.

From the same family?

Both the NovaStar LCB4K and the Taurus player are controlled via ViPlex. This means that the access happens locally via LAN or WiFi and the contents are played with the controller itself, or with an intervention via a cloud solution using the NovaStar Cloud. Hence, Taurus and LCB4K are definitely related, as they work with the same software. VNNOX, the NovaStar cloud (Dienst) can be reached with all devices and beyond that, they have almost identical technical equipment.

However, the Taurus-series is restricted to a maximum of 4 outputs. After deducting the capacities for organisational processes or backups, an effective 1.3 million controllable pixels remain. In practice, this means an approximately 8 ½ m² P2+BL PRO wall or 30 square metres of the LEDTEK P4 PRO. This is still a screen of a noteworthy size, nonetheless, especially in the field of Digital Signage, the wish for a higher capacity is not uncommon. Therefore, one does not want to miss the advantages of the Taurus-series, but plans on playing a bigger wall and thus needs a different solution:

What the LCB4K can do for you

The Taurus devices consist of two components: a media player and a sending card. The LCB4K, however, consists of a media player and does not have any NovaStar protocol outputs. For this reason, an additional controller is required to use the 4K player for playing an LED wall. In this combination, however, instead of 8 ½ square metres of P2+BL PRO, up to 68 square metres can be played – while all the advantageous functions of the Taurus series are available. The same applies if several LCD screens are to be controlled.

The device can also be connected directly to the TV, projector or NovaStar transmitter card via the HDMI outputs without the need for an additional device and can therefore also be used as a stand-alone product.

At a glance
Neuer schwarzer LCB4K Controller von NovaStar.

Novastar LCB4K LCD Multimedia Player LCD Display Controller

Output HDMI 2.0
Control USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / Gigabit Ethernet port
Other Switching between Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi STA and synchronised playback across multiple screens possible

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