We never hope for it, but it can always happen that you are about to start your event and notice: there is a malfunction with your LED wall. With our warranty and our service portal we try to ensure that you get support with a broken part as quickly as possible. However, it can happen that even the 48h-spare part service is not quick enough, or that it is only a small repair. We will soon have the right tool to help you master such situations stress-free in future:

Always well-prepared: the LEDTEK emergency kit

For each of our series, we have a small emergency kit with the most important tools for quick fixes: two modules, a screwdriver, a control box and if necessary two shaders. Everything you need to fix smaller defects.

No matter if PRO, NEO, BL or LEDBRIX – with the fitting emergency kit you are prepared to quickly react to smaller defects. Should your problems exceed to capacities of the kit, you can always give us a call or we can help you solve your problem via Teamviewer, as well as make use of our other services.

The emergency kit can now be preordered. We will of course update you here, when it is up for sale!

You can also find out how to use the 48-hour spare parts service or how to replace a tile, for example, and much more on our YouTube channel:

LEDTEK customer service

We offer you the right LED wall – and the fitting customer service. You always profit from our 3-year warranty, the user-friendly service portal and our 48h-spare part service. Give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.