You asked for it – and now we are delivering! With the new P3+WH PRO we are reacting to many, many requests we received from you over time. And here it is: the new 3.91mm outdoor wall of the professional league! 1,500m2 are on their way to us in Göttingen and are waiting to be snatched out of our hands!

The middle child of the PRO-family

If it says PRO, it is PRO. Hence the P3+WH PRO is of course compatible with everything that defines it as an overall system. No matter if Layher scaffolding, Tri-Frame studding or Tri-Frame base plate – all elements of the Tri-Frame system are of course usable with the new wall. With its pixel pitch, the outdoor wall closes the gap between the P2+BL PRO and the P4+WH PRO and is thanks to its IP code 65 equipped to defy wind and rain, just like its bigger sibling. Due to the higher resolution, it is ideal for the alternating use in- and outdoors. Just keep this in mind: higher resolution means more LEDs, more cabling, more money.

P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand leihen

P4+WH PRO Tri-Frame studding at the Prolight + Sound 2023

What the P3+WH PRO can do

The P3+WH PRO is coming, and so is the V3 of the P4+WH PRO (spoiler alert – more on this soon!), with a nice new frame. Also, here we listened to your feedback and improved, what was still improvable. Now you have quick fasteners, magnetic modules and their tool-less montage, as well as a new power supply that can also be exchanged if the cabinet is fixed to the Tri-Frame. For even simpler, more efficient and user-friendly handling. Small repair works, like the exchange of a broken module or a defective control box, are becoming a walk in the park. The new frame even comes with an integrated corner protection: spacers can be clicked out at all four corners to further stabilize the cabinets in the cases so that they cannot be jolted or bumped.

Die neue P3+WH PRO

The new P3+WH PRO

Moreover, the P3+WH PRO is also available in a curved version. Just like the NEO and the new P4+WH PRO V3, it has 90° corners. This means there are no limits to your creativity when setting up with the P3+WH PRO.

Contrary to what its name suggests, the P3+WH PRO is a blackface wall. This means that the surface of the LEDs is dark and not white, which gives it a richer black and a stronger contrast.

P2+sBL NEO, LEd Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

The square becomes round – this is also possible with the P3+WH PRO. Here: P2+sBL NEO at the Prolight + Sound 2023

Inner values – the heart of NovaStar

Not only the looks of the P3+WH PRO are taking a new path. Even on the inside, there are several notable features. Hence, the 3,900 nits impress with a proper luminosity. The scanrate of 1/8 even exceeds that of the NEO and makes the P3+WH PRO the ideal wall for movies and TV as it guarantees a flicker-free camera image. The centrepiece is also hidden in the power supply: the receiving card A10s PRO by NovaStar. It is the best one on the market and makes the P3+WH PRO a future-proof choice. Thanks to the receiving card from the innovative Armor-series, the P3+WH PRO is compatible with the new solutions from NovaStar, i.e. the COEX-series and the VMP software. With the A10s PRO, the wall benefits from proven functions such as the dynamic booster or full grayscale calibration. It also enables thermal adjustment of the wall. But what is that? Well, if you run a predominantly white picture on your LED wall, bluish “stripes” or “streaks” may appear. These are caused by the ICs heating up, which in turn results in the red LEDs giving way slightly and no longer producing a uniform white colour. Have you ever noticed something like this with an LED wall? With the P3+WH PRO, this problem is history.

LEDTEK customer service

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