A new (and the first) DIN standard on the safety of LED superstructures is due to be published this year, as the VPLT magazine recently reported:

For us, this is good news – especially regarding the accidents that have happened in the past that were caused by LED walls – because as an LED wall manufacturer, we have always been endeavouring to grant our costumers thought-out systems, all important information and the best support possible in the use of our technology.

A good reason to take a look at the new DIN standard and what parts of it we think about implementing soon.

DIN standards – what was that again?

On the website of the Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V., the term is explained like this: “A standard is a document that specifies requirements for products, services and/or processes. This helps ensure the free movement of goods and encourages exports. Standardization supports efficiency and quality assurance in industry, technology, science and the public sector. It serves to safeguard people and property and to improve quality in all areas of life. Studies show that standards generate economic benefits estimated at about € 17 billion a year.” (Source)

New DIN standards are developed in corresponding committees on national, European or international level. Hereby, the development of a new DIN standard can be requested by anyone. All interested parties can participate in the committees, provided they have the necessary expertise at one level or another. Therefore, it is often representatives of consumer ends, universities, trade, manufacturers, authorities and research institutes that form the working teams. Every five years, standards are checked on their topicality and in case of doubt, they will be revised or withdrawn.

Contents of the standard draft

The new standard entitled “Event technology – LED wall systems and accessories, interfaces and safety requirements” fills a gap. The standardisation work of the responsible working group began back in 2019, after which the draft was published in May 2023. The final DIN standard is also expected to follow soon.

The standard is supposed to reach manufacturers in particular, but also buyers and users of LED wall should be supported with a safe handling. It focuses on LED wall in rental operation, that are set up and dismantled frequently, however, not permanent installations. A look at the table of contents reveals the topics the norm committee has worked on. Besides the areas of application and possible dangers, they are concerned with assumed load, static calculations, supporting structures, electric equipment, maintenance, the user’s manual, and many more. The standard also provides examples of suspended and upright LED wall systems and for checking and testing LED constructions and their individual components as appendices.

The standard is intended to hold manufacturers accountable and encourage them to provide users with precise information on installation, the combinability of components, the maximum possible number of modules according to the maximum permissible load of supporting frames and connectors, and verification of ballasting and bracing.

LEDTEK – ahead of the standard

Letting our customers figure out things on their own after purchasing their LED wall never crossed our minds. This is why we have the strong assumption that a lot of what will be part of the new norm is already standard procedure in our company. To guarantee a safe handling of our products, we have already tweaked a few things:

An overall system – everything from one source

It goes without saying that we provide you with all the technical details of our products in the form of data sheets and operating instructions. However, at LEDTEK we not only offer LED walls, but also suitable ‘ready-made systems’ for stable substructures. These are not only statically calculated – just like our products are of course TÜV-certified and have a CE marking – but are also perfectly synchronized. With our own studdings and mounting systems, our goal is to not leave the user alone with the question of how the newly purchased LED cabinets are supposed to be constructed. Uncertainty and ignorance can lead to mistakes that can cause considerable damage or, in the worst case, even endanger human life.

Static calculations and construction books

Thanks to the structural calculations (and of course the test books), which cover more than 36 assembly variants for our Tri-Frame studding, for example, users can be absolutely sure of their choice. This is because they specify exactly how the structure is to be assembled, how much weight is required for stabilisation, which wind loads need to be taken into account and so on and so forth. Nothing stands in the way of a well-planned and prepared structure and you are on the safe side.

Outdoorwall Ständerwerk

Tri-Frame studding at the Prolight + Sound 2023, source: LEDTEK

The LED planner

These information sources are self-evident for us. However, over the last months we also discussed in what other way we can support you in your doing. One of the results of this thought process is the LED planner. This is an online tool that can be used to easily configurate your LED wall and with a few clicks, you get all the relevant information for your project. The result is a PDF document that lists all the technical details of your wall, but also the best way to wire your construction, what other material and ballasting you need and how you can build the substructure most efficiently and safely. Like this, you can safe yourself the planning and can fully depend on your LED construction.

LED-Wand Planer

Illustration of data supply for an LED wall in the LEDTEK LED planner, Quelle: www.ledwandplaner.de

The LEDTEK Academy

Another result of our considerations is the LEDTEK Academy. If you are already one of our customers, then you know that we will not let you use our technology without an extensive training. These individual trainings will still be offered with the purchase of an LED wall, but we want to go a step further. In the LEDTEK Academy, you will therefore learn everything about handling our LED cabinets and the associated NovaStar control units in recurring courses tailored to your level of knowledge. From switching on and safe installation to calibrating various walls, everything is included so that you can call yourself an LEDTEK expert after the training course. But seriously: teaching you how to use our technology safely is our top priority. After all, how else can we as a manufacturer feel confident that we have done everything possible to ensure that our LED walls do not pose a hazard at any event.

Verkabelung von LED-Modulen während der LEDTEK Academy.

Practical training at the LEDTEK Academy, source: LEDTEK

LEDTEK customer service

Of course, when it comes to customer service, we want to grant you an easy and smooth experience. You profit from our 3-year warranty, the easily accessible service portal and our 48h-spare part service. You can therefore call us at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.