What is a Tri-Frame multi board, you might wonder? Well, the name is telling: an allrounder in board form! And the addition “Tri-Frame” suggest that this board belongs with our three-point truss.

Hereby it does not matter whether you set the board on or underneath the Tri-Frame, this is only limited by your LED construction. With a standing, hence, e.g. a wall construction with a Tri-Frame studding or the Tri-Frame base plate, the board can of course only be used as an upper end plate, with a flying construction, it can also be mounted underneath the construction.

But what is this fancy lid good for? It is simple – it expands your possibilities regarding the overall construction, in which you integrate your LED wall. The Tri-Frame multi board offers numerous openings and joints. Thus, it is compatible with different lamps and pipes. You want to place a figurine or an LED bar on top of your construction? No problem. With the according pipes that can be mounted onto the board, lamps can also be placed on the sides. Or how about some lamps underneath your hanging construction? No problem with the multiplate! Your options are basically limitless – that is what multi is for!

Technische Zeichnung der Tri-Frame Multiplatte

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