For the construction of an LED wall, several event situations and environmental influences need to be considered. Due to this, there are various possibilities how one can set up the individual LED cabinets. In general, a difference needs to be made between a standing and a hanging construction. One needs to consider the right securing of the wall.

For the construction of a standing indoor wall we use the Prolyte LSU stand. Like this, the walls can be built up up to 6 meters high.

The installation outside is a little more complicated, as although the LED installation inside also needs to cope with winds, the use outdoors obviously needs to be looked at more closely. To defy wind and weather, the LED cabinets need to be secured especially strong. Outdoors, the use of e.g. a Layher scaffold or a Tri-Frame of our PRO-series should be considered.

Here you find the most important information resp. the calculation for a safe installation.