The modular design of LEDTEK LED video walls ensures optimal size flexibility to suit your needs. The standard sizes of a single module are 500x500mm and 1000x500mm (HxW). They are each about 80mm deep. There are no limits to the top in theory. In practice, however, an LED setup has to deal with winds indoors as well as outdoors, which can endanger its stability. This is because as the number of modules increases, the LED wall inevitably becomes more unstable.

In order to prevent a fall, the wall can be secured, for example, via the rear side. Together with EXPO Engineering, LEDTEK has developed the Tri-Frame for the PRO series. A three-point truss that is mounted on the back of the modules to stabilize them. Another possibility to absorb the wind force is to secure it via a so-called Layher scaffold. In indoor areas the flying frame holds a maximum of 13 meters of LED wall.

LEDTEK offers you a static proof for each securing system (insert operating instructions). The wall can withstand unsteady weather conditions and unpredictable hall winds.