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A cooperation that makes a difference.  Together with NovaStar we are going one step further. In your direction.

We offer combined know-how, concentrated experience, an overview of equipment series, their areas of application and individual devices. Profit from Team NovaStar-LEDTEK and buy what you really need. From the official distributor, available immediately, with a three-year warranty.

All in One Controller

Your price: ##,## €¹


Baby of the family in third (and best) version. With the VX400 you lay hands on the most modern generation of the smallest VX controller. With low latency function and freely adjustable layers thats a win for sure.

  • Inputs: DVI/ SDI/ DP/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 4x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • Scaler with 2.600.000 pixels
  • 2 layer/ Low Latency


NovaStars institution has retired. Instead of VX4S, there is now VX4S-N: N as new, as no less good but, contrary to expectations, cheaper. Less SDI 1.5 (HD), more 3G. Less analog, more digital. Same thing in better.

  • Inputs: DVI/ SDI/ DP/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 4x LED OUT port/ DVI/ SDI
  • 2K scaler with 2.300.000 pixels
  • 1 layer/ 1 PIP/ Autoscale

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Your price: ##,## €*


3-in-1 and more. Works as bypass, video controller, fiber converter. Comes with fiber outputs, audio input and genlock. VX6S’ successor knows exactly where to start.

  • Input: HDMI 1.3/ DVI/ 3G-SDI/ OPT
  • Ouput: 6x LED OUT ports / OPT
  • 3.900.000 pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Autoscale/ compatible with CVT-10/ genlock


Hot Box. 2-in-1 video controller with 10 gigabit ethernet ports, 6.5 million megapixels, low latency, 3D. Layer size adjustable regarding position and priority. VX600, but more outputs and more glass fibre. All in one box.

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.4/ DVI/ 3G-SDI/ OPT
  • Outputs: 10x LED OUT ports / OPT
  • 4K1K scaler with 6.500.000 pixels
  • 3 layer/ autoscale/ compatible with CVT-10

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Who ist the smallest MX of them all? The MX20 serves small applications with the greatest expertise. Handy, powerful, made for you.

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.3 / 3G-SDI
  • Outputs: 6x LED OUT port / OPT
  • Scaler with 3.9 million pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Low Latency


Time for MX30, time for 2023. COEX comes after COEX. From VMP to Gray Scale, from unbeatable in price to just as powerful. With NovaStar’s 4K/2K controller, you’ll want for nothing.

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.4/ HDMI 2.0/ 3G-SDI/ OPT
  • Outputs: 10x LED OUT Port / OPT
  • 4K/2K scaler with 6,500,000 pixels

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

MX40 Pro

A perfect fit. 4K device with capabilities from A10s receiver card to VMP Screen Configuration. The perfect combination of customer focus and vision. From pro to pro. NovaStar’s battle cry against BROMPTON.

  • Inputs: HDMI 2.0/ DP 1.2/ 12G-SDI
  • Outputs: 20x LED OUT Port / OPT
  • 4K2K scaler with 13,000,000 pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Autoscale/ Low Latency

NovaPro UHD jr

Next Level. He is exactly what you have been waiting for. It is VX6S for 4K. With 4 fibre optic connections and 16 outputs. Expandable with the CVT4K-M. 4K×2K@60Hz equips you for company meetings and sporting events. And for the future.

  • Inputs: DVI/ 12G-SDI/ DP/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 16x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • 4K2K scaler with 10.400.000 pixels
  • 3 layer + BKG/ HDR10/ low latency/ compatibility to CVT4K-M

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

NovaPro UHD

The universal genius. Even bigger? Yes. The NovaPro UHD leaves nothing to be desired. 6 layers, integrated control. Your advantage: You control the connected LED wall directly via the device. Nothing is missing here.

  • Inputs: 12G-SDI/ DP/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 16x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • 4K2K scaler with 10.400.000 pixels
  • 6 layer + BKG + OSD/ seamless switcher/ HDR10/ low latency/ compatibility to CVT4K-M


Has something up its sleeve. This is LED controlling of the future. Instead of fiddling around with lots of individual transmission cards, why not centralize your management? Reliable, modern, good-looking. By the way, this means both the box and its work.

  • Pixel capacity: 41.600.000
  • Layer: 32
  • Input/ output Cards: 4/ 2
  • Price refers to case only: see below for transmittin and receiving cards and accessories.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Part of the family. The H5 plays up to 48 layers without batting an eye. Middle children are often forgotten, but you won’t forget this one.

  • Pixel capacity: 78.000.000
  • Layers: 48
  • Input/ output Cards: 10/ 3
  • Price refers to case only: see below for transmittin and receiving cards and accessories.


A flagship. Powerful central management and flexible input and output data, composable to meet customer needs. Hot swapping of plug-in cards. LED control without limits.

  • Pixel capacity: 130.000.000
  • Layers: 80
  • Input/ output cards: 15/ 5
  • Price refers to case only: see below for transmittin and receiving cards and accessories.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Another flagship, even bigger. Control, allusion and programming via one device. Freely pluggable slots, space for e.g. 60 MCTRL660 devices. Always exactly what you need. This series is no compromise.

  • Pixel capacity: 260.000.000
  • Layers: 160
  • Input/ output cards: 30/ 10
  • Price refers to case only: see below for transmittin and receiving cards and accessories.

H-series accessories

The inner values. As good as they look, without plug-in cards, the H-cases are at most a third as fun.

Input cards

HDMI/DP 4K ##,##€ --
12G-SDI 4K ##,##€ --
2x CVBS/VGA ##,##€ --
4x VGA ##,##€ --
4x HDMI 1.3 ##,##€ --
4x DVI ##,##€ --
4x 3G-SDI ##,##€ --
2x RJ45 IP ##,##€ --
2x DP 1.1 ##,##€ --
1x HDMI 4K ##,##€ --
2x HDMI 4K (H15) ##,##€ --

Output cards

16x RJ45/OPT ##,##€ --
20x RJ45 ##,##€ --
4x DVI 2K ##,##€ --
1x HDMI 4K ##,##€ --
4x HDMI 2K ##,##€ --
HDMI Preview ##,##€ --
Backup PSU ##,##€ --
available at short notice
COEX Serie CX80

Your price: ##,## €

CX80 Pro

Future is now. The industry’s first 8K controller, with 5GB receiver cards, new software, new transmission system, and unparalleled visual capabilities. A new era.

  • Inputs: SDI/ DP/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 16x LED OUT port
  • 8K scaler with 5GB system
  • 3D/ HDR/ VMP Software/ Nova Image Engine/ Compatibility with CVT8

CX80 Pro accessories

Your choice. With the CX80 Pro’s modular system, you choose the input card that´s best for you. Also decide between multi-mode and single-mode of the associated fiber optic converter.

Input cards

HDMI 2.1; DP 1.4; SDI (60Hz) ##,##€
HDMI 2.1; DP 1.4; SDI (30Hz) ##,##€
HDMI 2.0; SDI (60Hz) ##,##€

Optic fiber converter 

CVT8-M ##,##€
CVT8-S ##,##€
available at short notice

Standard Line


Simply good. The MCTRL300 is the smallest transmission card from NovaStar. Reliable for small to medium-sized LED displays, ideal for those who know what they are playing, for those who do not need scaling.

  • Inputs: DVI/ audio/ light sensor
  • Outputs: 2x LED OUT port
  • Transmitter with 1.300.000 pixels

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


A new generation 2K. If not 4K, but bigger, then 660 PRO. The transmission card can be combined with a single scaler if required. Until then, the following applies: the fewer devices, the less delay.

  • Inputs: DVI/ HDMI/ 3G-SDI
  • Outputs: 6x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • 2K transmitter with 2.300.000 pixels
  • low latency


COEX for the win. The MCTRL660 Pro is now available twice? Not quite. With the successor KU20 of the COEX series you work with the new VMP software, incredibly space-saving and as usual with low latency.

  • Inputs: HDMI
  • Outputs: 6x LED OUT port
  • 2K transmitter with 2,300,000 pixels
  • low latency / VMP software

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


The fastest. The winner of our latency test. With the MCTRL4K you play big events, without delay and in 4K.

  • Inputs: DP/ Dual DVI/ HDMI
  • Outputs: 16x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • 4K2K transmitter with 8.800.000 pixels
  • HDR10/ HLG/ 3D/ low latency/ compatibility to CVT4K-M

Taurus series

Your price: ##,## €


Your Digital Signage Player. The T-Media Players are directly loaded with content and connected to the LED displays without complications. They have a synchronisation mechanism for multiscreen playing, with one click, brightness can be adjusted, specific picture sequences can be set, and errors can be corrected. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • Inputs: Ethernet/ USB/ WLAN
  • Outputs: 1x LED OUT port + backup
  • Media player with 650.000 pixels
  • iCare/ VNNOX/ VNNOX AD


Want automatic scaling? TB6 und TB8 are not only media players but also transmitters with scaler via their additional HDMI connection. Lowest-priced all-in-one solution with maximum flexibility.

  • Inputs: Ethernet/ HDMI/ USB WLAN
  • Outputs: 2x LED OUT port + 2 backup
  • Media player with 1.300.000 pixels
  • iCare/ VNNOX/ VNNOX AD

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


The golden mean. Between TB30 and TB60 lies what? That’s right, TB50. The media player comes with everything you’d expect from the Taurus series. Fast, small, powerful.

  • Inputs: Ethernet/ HDMI/ USB/ WLAN
  • Outputs: 2x LED OUT port
  • Media player with 1.300.000 pixels
  • iCare/ VNNOX/ VNNOX AD/ 4G module


Better safe than sorry. TB60 is all his little brothers are, but bigger and more flexible. The 4 outputs are freely scalable, two TB60 devices can be combined with each other, so that a primary device can be extended with a backup. This is digital signage.

  • Inputs: Ethernet/ HDMI/ USB/ WLAN
  • Outputs: 4x LED OUT port
  • Media player with 2.300.000 pixels
  • iCare/ VNNOX/ VNNOX AD

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

TU15 Pro

License to conference. 2.6 million pixels of concentrated power for the conference room? We have it. With the smaller of the two Taurus Ultra devices, the meeting room appears in the glory of technological future.

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.3 / USB 2.0
  • Outputs: 4x LED OUT port
  • ≤ 2.6 million pixels
  • Divisible Screen / Multiple Source Connections / Screen Mirroring

TU20 Pro

Ultra light, ultra good, ultra Taurus. The TU Series is Taurus for indoor, Taurus for conference, and for easiest handling in the industry. Two HDMI ports, 3.9 million pixels and no limits.

  • Inputs: HDMI 1.3 / USB 2.0
  • Outputs: 6x LED OUT port
  • ≤ 3.9 million pixels
  • Divisible screen / Multiple source ports / Screen Mirroring.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


From televisions to LED walls. LCD and LED, ViPlex and VNNOX. As heavy as Taurus and as powerful as the really big ones.

  • Output: HDMI 2.0
  • Control: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Switch between Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi STA and synchronized playback across multiple screens

4G module

Off you go. This module can be used in all media players of the Taurus series. This way you will always be connected to your player, even without a WLAN or LAN connection.

  • Compatible with: TB1/ TB3/ TB6/ TB8

Your price: ##,## €


Price on request


Seamless switching. The new 4K presentation switcher from PIXELHUE. Can be used in switcher and pure PGM mode. Live monitoring thanks to special multiviewer output. Connections in all directions.

  • Inputs: 4x DP 1.2/HDMI 2.0 // 2x 12G-SDI
  • Outputs: 2x HDMI 2.0 // 6x HDMI 1.3


P10 times 2, same but bigger. With 8 outputs, P10’s big brother is suitable for larger applications with the same features.

  • Inputs: 8x DP 1.2/HDMI 2.0 // 4x 12G-SDI
  • Outputs: 8x HDMI 2.0

Price on request

Price on request


Born for controlling. The U5 is handy, but powerful. Smaller than its predecessor, but with more to offer. Nobody controls events so effectively.


Ultra-HD. A true 4K video processor that supports 4K×2K@60Hz video input and output. High-end rental, stage control, fine-pitch LED displays and video conversion. Everything you could possibly need.

Price on request

NovaStar Accessories


Brings light into the dark. The sensor measures the ambient brightness of the LED wall (LUX value). This function is particularly required for billboards installed on outdoor walls that need to adapt to the lighting conditions.

Three other lengths can be ordered on demand:

NS060-10A ##,##€ --
NS060-30A ##,##€ --
NS060-100A ##,##€ --

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Everything and in a box. A combination of different connection options. Among other things for light and temperature sensors and up to 8 devices.

  • Inputs: 1x LED IN port/ light sensor
  • Outputs: 1x LED OUT port/ 8x relay


If it doesn’t have to be the biggest. If the distance between your NovaStar processor and your LED screen is exceptionally large, the CVT310 is exactly what you need. A bridge that connects everything over 100 and up to 300 metres with 650,000 pixels thanks to fibre optics.

  • Inputs: 1x LED IN port/ OPT
  • Outputs: 1x LED OUT port/ OPT
  • Glass fibre bridge with 650.000 pixels
  • 2 devices necessary

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Belongs to the family. CVT4K-M’s little brother is in no way inferior to him. He just doesn’t have as many outputs as the big one. Otherwise: ideal for transmission over long distances and in pairs combinable to form a handy assembly.

  • Inputs: OPT
  • Outputs: 10x LED OUT ports

Also available in single mode:

CVT10-S ##,##€ --

CVT10 Pro-M

Pro-fessional. CVT 10 you´ve heard before? Then remember what you know and add: IP65, new installation variants, robust opticalCON connector system. 300 meter bridging in the multimode variant, 3 kilometers in singlemode.

  • Inputs: OPT
  • Outputs: 10x LED OUT Port

Also available in single mode:

CVT10 Pro-S ##,##€ --

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Three in one. CVT4K-M is a high-performance fibre converter. It is a hot backup, extender, and copier. So, whatever you need, pretty sure it can do it. Can be combined with the following transmission units: UHD series, MCTRL4K.

  • Inputs: OPT
  • Outputs: 16x LED OUT port

Also available in single mode:

CVT4K-S ##,##€ --

HDR Master 4K

The one for the final touch. A video processor that turns SDR into HDR, 8 bits into 10, and a few million brightness levels into a billion. And everyone else turns green with envy. Pale green.

  • Inputs: DP 1.2/ HDMI 2.0/ 12G-SDI
  • Outputs: HDMI 2.0/ OPT/ 12G-SDI

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

RGBlink NDI 20x PTZ Camera

Rotating. One for all directions. With NDI real-time transmission and low latency. The owl-like among cameras sees everything, in the dark and in the distance.

  • Panning range: horizontal 340/ vertical 120 degrees
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Pictures from 0.5 lux

RGBlink ASK nano

What’s that? Nano! High resolution from A to B, wireless, fast, small. RGBlink’s HDMI transmitter set transports for all one is worth over distances up to 40 meters with low latency and compatibility with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

  • set consisting of receiver and transmitter
  • Plug-and-Play

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

RGBlink mini+ streaming switcher

Small, but powerful. No waiting, simple, seamless, fast. With the crossfade lever of the mini+ video mixer from RGBlink you switch between the four HDMI inputs like between apps on your phone.

  • Via USB without driver installation directly from your computer
  • PIP
  • Inputs: 4 x HDMI
  • Outputs: 1 x HDMI


HOF coupler

Not to be underestimated. You think, what can they possibly be capable of? In any case, surpass themselves. Besides, anyone who carries 750kg at 0.7kg dead weight has done enough.

  • Load capacity: 750kg
  • Material: aluminum 6061 T6
  • Dead weight: 0.72kg

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


To go, twice. Easy to transport, safe, self-contained. With communication port for remote monitoring, 24 channels with load sensors and circuit breaker. What more did you need again?

  • 24 outputs with RCBOs
  • 63-amp input/ 32-amp output
  • 400 volt protection/ IP30 rating/ 19″ format/ compatible with True1 distribution

Your price: ##,## €

TRUE1 distribution 20M

Power distributors aren’t cool? Well, we would know. How power and data cables run from the True1 distribution to the truss, each output fully loadable, you won’t see that again so soon. Available in four lengths.

  • Compatibility with Stage Smarts/ Connex PDU

Three additional lengths available:

15 Meter ##,##€ --
25 Meter ##,##€ --
30 Meter ##,##€ --

LEDTEK Tri-Frame

All good things come in threes. The LEDTEK Tri-Frame is a three-point truss for securing the rear of your LED wall. Slim, strong and easy to handle.

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €


Down to earth. From freestander to point of sale. Designed for PRO and with bindings for other standard trusses. Steady and flexible.

  • Sizes: 0.5 to 3.5m
  • Support: flying frame, tri-frames, four-point traverse (30 cm)

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Tri-Frame base – Pipe

Extended in length. Add the pipes behind the Tri-Frame base to extend the the structure. Guaranteed safe. Guaranteed to be as narrow as possible.

The pipes are also suitable for extending the LEDTEK multi-cover. This allows you to position spotlights and speakers flexibly.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

Tri-Frame base – Stapelfix

Capable of more than you think. Practical and handy: the Stapelfix can be placed under the pipes of the Tri-Frame base plate for balancing.

Tri-Frame studwork (indoor)

From a standing start. With a construction height of up to 5 meters, freely scalable width of the structure and flexible ground clearance, it doesn’t get any better than this. But it does: The whole thing works with a simple click system.

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

Tri-Frame studwork (outdoor)

A strong breeze of fresh air. The frame is also available outdoors. Outdoor construction height up to 7 meters with test book, indoor construction height up to 10 meters. And for the rest? Whatever you can do indoors you can do outdoors!

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Tri-Frame reinforcement profile

The profile from next door. Inconspicuous, unassuming. Unspectacular? No! Easily reinforces the LED wall that you only want to set up from a height of 3 meters.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

Tri-frame multi cover

The right cover for every LED wall. Sometimes dreams don’t just extend to the end of the LED cabinet. With the multi-cover, they extend as far as the loudspeakers and spotlights.

Please contact us if you require additional pipes for attachment to the sides.

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Tri-Frame Mounting frame

Stability at the highest level. The mounting frame is part of the LEDTEK
Tri-Frame system and forms the connecting piece between the flying frame and the Tri-Frame for flown constructions.

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

Your price: ##,## €

Your price: ##,## €

Emergency kit (P4 + WH PRO)

When all else fails. The LEDTEK emergency kit is at your side with advice, assistance, replacement tile and control unit.

For more information, take a look at our news blog.

P2+sBL NEO ##,##€ --
P2 BL PRO ##,##€ --
P3 WH PRO ##,##€ --

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Right of withdrawal with LEDTEK. Wrong product, missing function or it simply does not meet your expectations. No problem! For all NovaStar products we grant you a 14-day right of withdrawal. Even as a commercial customer you have a right – no ifs or buts. Please make sure that the goods are returned to us in the original packaging, with all accessories supplied and without any signs of use! You can find all conditions regarding the contractual right of withdrawal here.

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