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Do you have any questions about our services or specific technical details? Below we have summarized the frequently asked questions for you. If you cannot find your question below or if you have general questions, please contact us at +49 551 492 493 44 or by e-mail to vertrieb@ledtek.de .

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Are LedTek products EMC & CE certified?2020-12-10T16:19:38+01:00

Yes. To ensure a high quality standard, our products are EMC and of course CE certified. At regular intervals, the team is also convinced of the work in the Shenzhen production facility.

Are LedTek products TÜV certified?2020-12-10T15:46:21+01:00

Yes, to ensure a high quality standard, our modules comply with the EMC directive 2014/30/EU and the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU (LVD). In order to maintain an overview of the wide variety of seals of approval and certificates used worldwide, we rely on the recognized test mark of TÜV Rheinland. This certification provides us with independent, comprehensive and transparent proof that our products have been tested for safety, reliability and quality according to specified criteria. LedTek products therefore always meet the current safety standards and are regularly checked for damage and safety requirements. At regular intervals, the team also convinces itself of the work at the Shenzhen production facility. LedTek is one of the few companies in Germany to attach importance to additional certification. You can find out more about the individual modules on the TÜV-Rheinland website.

TÜV-Rheinland website

Is the LedTek product range limited to the products listed here?2020-12-10T15:52:23+01:00

Yes, for reasons of compatibility and safety, the LedTek range is limited to the products you find on our website. For LedTek, simple collaboration is of great importance. Therefore, we concentrate on the essentials: A small portfolio with the best products adapted to your needs. This focus enables us to minimize costs and offer you an excellent product at an unbeatable price. We are happy to advise you and guarantee to have the right product for you.

Is there a guarantee on LedTek products?2020-12-10T16:17:29+01:00

Yes. In the event of a product problem, we will repair free of charge within the first three years after purchase.

Safety First: What is a Tri-Frame?2020-12-10T15:45:50+01:00

The tri-frame system consists of a three-point truss that is attached to the rear of the LED modules. Its field of application are large LED structures in uncertain weather conditions. The truss stabilizes the wall so that a fall is prevented.

The newly developed tri-frame system of the Pro series ensures even easier, safer and faster installation. Thanks to its depth, the triangular truss structure ensures safety and stability even in strong winds. Depending on the wind zone, spans of up to ten meters can be achieved without having to horizontally intercept the LED wall several times.

Tri-Frame System

What does “all-round carefree package” mean at LedTek?2020-12-10T15:48:50+01:00

German-speaking customer service, extended warranty, sophisticated installation and mounting systems are only some of the advantages of LedTek to be able to implement customer and situation-specific adjustments quickly and cost-effectively. We will be happy to advise you regarding our TÜV certification, static proofs and spare parts. We offer you an unbeatable price-performance ratio, brilliant quality and the promise that you are our first priority. All services from a single source: our “all-round carefree package” for you!

What is Service 2.0?2020-12-10T15:48:35+01:00

Service 2.0 is the new LedTek service portal. Via an internet platform you can report problems and place orders. If for example one of your LED tiles is faulty, you can tell LedTek your concern with just a few clicks and benefit from our 48h spare parts service. Beyond the contact to the LedTek team, our customers are able to exchange information and build relationships with each other here.

What is the 48h spare parts service?2020-12-10T15:48:43+01:00

In case one of your LED tiles is faulty, contact our staff by phone or via the LedTek service portal and report your problem. We promise to deliver the spare part throughout Germany within the next 48 hours. In addition to our repair services we offer you a 24h service by phone. Our all-round carefree package for you!

What is the Rental Network 2.0?2020-12-10T15:48:59+01:00

If you would like to extend the LED video wall experience beyond your own needs and open up the rental market, then new perspectives are opened by the innovative concept: Achieving more together. Due to our constantly growing customer base, larger quantities of LED modules can be rented and exchanged, so you can increase your own stock at will. We have provided you with more details in our news blog.

News Blog

What ist the LedTek Newsletter?2020-12-10T15:53:33+01:00

You can subscribe to the LedTek Newsletter in a few steps. Every month we will bring you up to date on the latest LED technology: recommendations, tips, tricks and news. Of course it is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.

TÜV CERTIFIED QUALITY2020-12-17T12:34:36+01:00

Our modules naturally comply with the EMC directive 2014/30/EU and the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU. In order to keep an overview of the variety of seals of approval and certificates used worldwide, we rely on the globally recognized test mark of TÜV Rheinland. With this certification, we have independent, comprehensive and transparent proof that our products have been tested for safety, reliability and quality according to defined criteria.

UNBEATABLE PRICE2020-12-17T12:35:42+01:00

High-quality LED technology and a low price are not mutually exclusive. LedTek concentrates on the essential: A small portfolio with the best products adapted to your needs. This focus allows us to minimize costs and offer you an excellent product at an unbeatable price.

SAFETY FIRST2020-12-17T12:38:07+01:00

The newly developed tri-frame system of the Pro Series ensures even easier, safer and faster installation.Thanks to its depth, the triangular truss structure ensures safety and stability even in strong winds. Depending on the wind zone, it enables spans of up to ten meters without the LED wall having to be horizontally intercepted several times.

3 YEAR WARRANTY2020-12-17T12:42:07+01:00

With our professional know-how and over 20 years of expertise in event technology, we are at your side to advise you. As a solid basis for the use of our products, your purchases at LedTek are secured by the 3 -year -LedTek -warranty.

ALWAYS IN STOCK2020-12-10T16:26:19+01:00

LedTek BL and WH modules are available directly from stock, which allows a short delivery time. Due to a constantly increasing demand for large outdoor LED walls, 2000 m² of the same batch of the Pro Series was produced. This allows customers to easily add individual modules without visible differences.

RENTAL NETWORK 2.02020-12-10T16:25:56+01:00

If you would like to extend the LED video wall experience beyond your own needs and enterthe rental market, new perspectives open up by the innovative concept:
Achieving more together. Due to our constantly growing customer base, larger quantities of LED modules can be rented and exchanged.


What is LEDBRIX?2020-12-17T13:26:55+01:00
What is LEDBRIX P0.93?2020-12-17T13:51:07+01:00

LEDBRIX P0.93 is an indoor fixed installation system.

Characteristics check:

  • Range of use: Indoor
  • Pixel pitch: 0,93mm
  • Light intensity: 500 – 700 Nits
  • Width x height: 600mm x 337,5mm
  • Cabinet weight: 6kg

More information about LEDBRIX P0.93 here.

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Are LedTek modules suitable for continuous operation?2020-12-10T16:18:30+01:00

Digital shop window displays from LedTek are perfect for use in shop windows and displays because they are not only extremely robust, but are also built for continuous operation thanks to the use of high-quality individual components. LedTek is so convinced of the quality of the products that we guarantee our customers an extended guarantee of 3 years.

Do LedTek systems adapt to the lighting conditions?2020-12-10T15:41:36+01:00

Yes, an intelligent control unit and an external light sensor guarantee the optimal control of all LedTek systems depending on lighting conditions (e.g. day/night). The light sensor can be ordered optionally.

How bright is an LED wall?2020-12-10T15:40:38+01:00

The brightness of an LED display is usually given in nits. 1 nit corresponds to the light emitted by a candle in a completely darkened room. For indoor use, we generally recommend LED video walls with 1000-1400 Nits, for outdoor use from approx. 4500 Nits, in order to be able to display an easily readable, high-contrast image against direct sunlight.

What is a batch?2020-12-17T13:25:21+01:00

“Batch” means generation, version or production round. The production of LEDs is a complex process, which sometimes takes place in the micrometer range. Scattering can occur, because even a few more or fewer atoms more or less that are incorporated into the material make a difference. This results in a variance between the different generations or batches.

What is a LED wall?2020-12-17T13:24:33+01:00

A LED wall is the mechanical combination of LED modules into a uniform image.

What is an LED module?2020-12-17T13:25:48+01:00

An LED module/LED modules is/are the mechanical combination of LED tiles.

What is an LED tile?2020-12-17T13:26:10+01:00

The LED-Tile is the board on which the LEDs are mounted. It is the smallest element that can be bought by the private customer.

What possibilities do I have to set up my LED wall?2020-12-10T15:46:10+01:00

When setting up an LED wall, various event situations and environmental influences must be taken into account. For this reason, there are many different ways to set up the individual modules. Basically we distinguish between standing and hanging construction. Here, the correct protection of the wall must always be observed. For the construction of our indoor walls we use the LSU stand system. The walls can thus be built up to 6 meters high.


It is somewhat more complicated for outdoor installations, because although an LED installation must also be able to withstand wind indoors, its use outdoors requires a closer look at the wind forces. In order to withstand wind and weather, LED modules need a particularly strong hold. For this purpose, tubes are attached to the back of the LED wall behind each column in outdoor applications using clamps. Here you will find the most important information and calculations for a safe installation.


Order & Delivery

Do I need a maintenance contract with LedTek?2020-12-10T15:44:01+01:00

The aim of our product philosophy is that all maintenance work can be carried out by a house electrician without much effort after a short briefing. This not only saves you the cost of expensive and often unnecessary maintenance contracts with travel and accommodation costs for qualified personnel, but also enables you to solve almost all problems yourself within a very short time. Thanks to a plug & play system with modular components, modules can be removed from the middle of the system and exchanged without having to reconfigure the system.

If you should not be able to repair something on your own, all LED modules are built in such a way that they can be sent back to us to Göttingen via DHL for repair. Of course, a technician will also come by on request.

Does the purchase of a LedTek product also include the associated content design?2020-12-10T16:09:58+01:00

No. LedTek products and content design can be purchased in combination or independently.

Does the software come with an LED wall?2020-12-10T16:13:18+01:00

Yes. The supplied software is extremely user-friendly and makes programming the LED video wall a breeze.

How long is the average delivery time from placing the order to assembly or delivery?2020-12-10T16:14:32+01:00

The average delivery time depends on the product, the special requests of the customer and the associated manufacturing process. Many standard LED products such as ready-made LED video walls can be offered directly without delivery time.

How much are the delivery costs?2020-12-10T15:52:08+01:00

No additional costs are expected. All products offered by LedTek already include the delivery costs. As a rule, however, our goods are usually collected on site, as the collection is followed by a free training session.

Is there technical support?2020-12-10T16:17:05+01:00

In addition to our repair services, we offer a 24-hour telephone service.

What about spare parts?2020-12-10T16:15:37+01:00

In the event of an error (transport damage, wear, pixel errors), individual parts of the display are replaced by stock items. For every LED wall sold, LedTek usually has 3 percent of the components in stock as spare parts in order to guarantee free replacement within a very short time. Unfortunately, regardless of the manufacturer, the lamp quality and the components used, each LED loses brightness as the operating time increases, so that after replacing individual display parts, they have to be calibrated to one another. For this reason LedTek only uses LED systems that allow replacement modules and pixel cards to be subsequently adapted to the existing brightness or that allow white balance.

What is the average delivery cost?2020-12-10T16:13:28+01:00

All products offered by LedTek include the delivery costs.

LED Wall Leasing

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Does LedTek also offer high brightness displays?2020-12-10T15:41:07+01:00

LedTek offers each LED wall series as BL and WH series. LED-Wall modules of the BL version have a standard brightness up to approx. 1500 Nits. All WH modules are offered as daylight-capable series with a brightness of approx. 4500 Nits. The standard brightness is sufficient for more than 85 percent of all applications. However, if the LED video wall is to be exposed to extremely bright environments such as shop windows or outdoors in direct sunlight, the purchase of a WH series may be useful. All modules of the LedTek Outdoor series are additionally waterproof.

Does the viewing angle of the LED wall play a role?2020-12-10T16:00:15+01:00

Horizontal and vertical viewing angles indicate when colors and details are fully preserved for the viewer. The larger the angles, the more stable the brightness and contrast remain when viewing at an angle (left, right, up and down). The maximum viewing angle for the contrast is reached at the point where the decrease in the contrast ratio makes up a fifth of the initial value. It is important to have the largest possible horizontal and vertical viewing angle so that the colors can be displayed over the entire panel area without falsification. Modern SMD LED walls have a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 140 °. Outside the viewing angle, the colors tear off, the content of the display is perceived more as a luminous (usually pink) surface.

How does the content get into the LED Wall?2020-12-10T15:51:29+01:00

Via a NovaStar transmitter. It is playfully easy and incredibly fast to display new content on LedTek video walls using a notebook or PC. They are transferred directly to the LED wall via a transmitter card.

What are frame rate and clock rates?2020-12-10T15:35:47+01:00

Frame rate is a term used in film and video technology to indicate how many images are displayed in a unit of time. It is a characteristic parameter for the sequence of moving image sequences and for the flicker-free display. The repetition of images in rapid sequences is necessary to avoid the inertia of the eye and to make the moving image display appear as a continuous presentation.

To make it easier for you to understand, we use the following example: In Germany, the light bulb flickers at 50 hertz. Our TV picture is standardized to this unit and thus provides a constant picture. The brilliant quality of our LED screens and their error-free reproduction by TV cameras is due to this very principle. For the walls, we work with a multiple hertz, thus reducing the probability of the camera catching a black image on the LED wall. The LED wall appears flicker-free and a regular television picture is transmitted.

The clock rate is given in Hertz. In simple terms, increasing the clock rate reduces the flickering of the image.

What are the minimum and maximum viewing distance to an LED wall?2020-12-10T15:50:42+01:00

The minimum viewing distance indicates the distance (m) at which the viewer in front of the display does not recognize the individual LEDs, but rather perceives the display as a homogeneous surface. As a guide, the minimum viewing distance in meters is proportional to the pixel pitch in mm.

In contrast to the minimum viewing distance, the maximum distance in meters indicates the approximate size of an LED video wall so that something can still be seen from a distance. As a guide, the maximum viewing distance to the LED wall increases by a factor of 10 per square meter. From this follows: At a distance of 100m, the LED video wall should be at least 10m² in order to still be able to see details.

What describes the pixel density?2020-12-10T16:22:14+01:00

It is a measure of the number of how many LED lamps were installed per square meter. With a display size of 1x1m and a pixel spacing of 10mm, 100 LED pixels were installed in the height and 100 LED pixels in the width. The following applies: the more pixels with the same dimensions, the higher the resolution

What does the viewing angle of an LED wall mean?2020-12-10T15:45:26+01:00

Horizontal and vertical viewing angles indicate the zone around the LED wall where colors and details are fully preserved for the viewer. The larger the number, the more stable the brightness and contrast when viewed obliquely (left, right, above, beyond). The colors can be displayed over the entire panel surface without distortion.

The maximum viewing angle for contrast is reached at the point where the drop in contrast ratio is one-fifth of the initial value. Outside this angle, the colors break off and the contents of the display are perceived as a bright – usually pink – surface.

Modern SMD LED walls have a viewing angle of 140 degrees both vertically and horizontally.

What is the difference between a video wall and an LED wall?2020-12-10T15:54:10+01:00

A video wall, composed of several LCD screens, can be recognized by one thing: the black bars where the screens are lined up. These bars disturb the overall picture and divide it unmistakably into individual, small segments. This is where LED walls have a very decisive advantage. It is true that they too consist of individual tiles and modules that are assembled to form the big picture. However, these remain invisible to the observer because the individual LED modules have no such webs on their edges.

If one of the LCD screens in a video wall fails, the entire picture is gone. After all, an entire segment of the picture remains black or shows some other kind of disturbance. In this case the broken screen must be replaced. If a diode fails in an LED wall, i.e. one of the many small lights on the wall, in most cases you won’t even notice it and you can simply carry on. In the case that the failure does bother you, or several diodes are affected, the corresponding module can be replaced quickly and easily.

A literally huge advantage of LED modules is that they offer great flexibility. In addition to walls of various shapes, for example, particularly long and narrow or staircase-shaped structures, they can also be used to create particularly large installations. Compared to large video walls, their implementation is also particularly easy to carry out.

What is the minimum and maximum size of a LedTek LED wall?2020-12-10T15:45:42+01:00

The modular design of LedTek LED video walls ensures optimal size flexibility to suit your needs. The standard sizes of a single module are 500x500mm and 1000x500mm (HxW). They are each about 80mm deep. There are no limits to the top in theory. In practice, however, an LED setup has to deal with winds indoors as well as outdoors, which can endanger its stability. This is because as the number of modules increases, the LED wall inevitably becomes more unstable.

In order to prevent a fall, the wall can be secured, for example, via the rear side. Together with EXPO Engineering, LedTek has developed the Tri-Frame for the Pro series. A three-point truss that is mounted on the back of the modules to stabilize them. Another possibility to absorb the wind force is to secure it via a so-called Layher scaffold. In indoor areas the flying frame holds a maximum of 13 meters of LED wall.

LedTek offers you a static proof for each securing system (insert operating instructions). The wall can withstand unsteady weather conditions and unpredictable hall winds.

What is the minimum viewing distance to an LED wall?2020-12-10T16:21:14+01:00

Der minimale Betrachtungsabstand gibt Auskunft darüber, wie weit der Abstand des Betrachters vor dem Display in Metern sein sollte, ab dem das menschliche Auge die einzelnen LEDs nicht mehr erkennen kann und das Display als homogene Fläche wahrnimmt. Als Richtwert gilt, der minimale Betrachtungsabstand in Metern ist proportional zum Pixelabstand in mm.

What is the resolution of an LED wall?2020-12-17T13:28:04+01:00

The resolution of a LED wall is given in pixels (number of pixels). It depends on the pixel pitch and the display size. The resolution increases with the number of LEDs installed per square meter. The presentation of the displayed content improves, but the price per square meter of the display also increases.

For example, the LED video wall with an area of 5x3m has a resolution of 1920(W)x1152(H) pixels at a pixel pitch of 2.6 mm. The resolution therefore depends on the wall in question and its pixel pitch.

With an increasing resolution the minimum viewing distance to the LED wall decreases. For exhibition and club setups our indoor walls are therefore suitable, for advertising installations and large events the LedTek outdoor walls are the right choice.

Which LED series are there?2020-12-10T16:23:13+01:00

Basically, a distinction is made between two LED series (DIP LED and SMD LED), which differ primarily in their design and the LED components used. LedTek does not currently use OLEDs because they are not suitable for professional use due to the lack of a long service life and brightness.

Why does LedTek only sell SMD LED walls?2020-12-10T16:22:42+01:00

In der heutigen Zeit werden die meisten LED-Videowände aus SMD LEDs gebaut. Ein SMD LED-Pixel (Bildpunkt) besteht aus 3 LED-Dioden mit den Farben Rot Grün und Blau, die zu einem einzigen Bauteil vergossen sind, das direkt mit der Platine verbunden wird. Die wesentlichen Vorteile der SMD Technik sind die geringere Bautiefe und der sich daraus ergebende höhere Betrachtungswinkel von zum Teil über 140° vertikal und horizontal. Seit dem Jahr 2014 verwendet LedTek fast ausschließlich SMD LEDs und bietet in den neuesten Baureihen Pixelabstände ab 2,4mm an. SMD LED Serien sind in der heutigen Zeit fast immer die bessere Wahl. Auch im Outdoor-Bereich liefern SMDs genügend Helligkeit und werden die DIP LEDs in den nächsten Jahren weitgehend ersetzen. Des Weiteren liefern SMD LED-Walls im Vergleich zu DIP LED-Walls qualitativ hochwertigere, flimmerfreiere und stabilere Bilder.

Why is the scan mode important?2020-12-10T16:20:26+01:00

The scan mode provides information on how many individual LEDs are controlled by an IC. The mode is given in fractions and means, for example, that an IC controls two LED lamps for a 1/2 scan and 4 LEDs for an 1/4 scan controls an IC. With an increasing number of LEDs controlled by an IC, the brightness of the LEDs decreases. By using more expensive ICs, higher clock rates and lower scan modes can be realized.

Tips & Tricks

Can I connect LED walls of different generations?2020-12-10T15:49:55+01:00

Yes, we can say with certainty that even modules from different series usually work well together, although the respective production process can result in differences in pixel density.

However, we try to prevent this situation through our rental system. We keep an eye on which of our partners owns which LED walls and who would like to extend their property with which modules. So we can easily make sure that everyone gets exactly what they need. If two partners want to purchase modules of the same wall and also own the same version, the solution is very simple. We buy the used modules from Partner A and sell them to Partner B. Partner A gets modules from the current batch of the same LED wall. So both partners can expand their stock as they wish.

How do I clean my LED wall?2020-12-10T15:53:24+01:00

LED walls are exposed to a lot of dirt in their daily work. When hundreds of spectators’ feet whirl up dust while jumping, dancing and pogoing at the festival in sunshine and dryness, the LED walls on the stages are not unaffected. In order to be able to use the walls for a long time and without difficulties, they need to be cleaned carefully. For more information please visit our news blog. There we have summarized the most important points for you.

News Blog

How do I make a firmware update?2020-12-10T16:02:47+01:00

How to proceed exactly to update your transmitter and receiver card can be found in this manual. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at vertrieb@led-tek.de.


How do I protect my LED wall from moisture?2020-12-10T15:52:46+01:00

Our WH LED modules are ideal for events in the open air. As they are used outdoors, they defy wind and weather. After successful use of the outdoor walls it is then important to transport and store them properly. We explain how this is done in a post on our blog.


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