Why standard?

In contrast to the All-in-One series, the Standard Line of the NovaStar devices does not have an integrated scaler. However, a purchase is still worth it: namely if the domain is mostly permanent installations, in which the exact pixel count is known, and the additional charge for an integrated scaler would not be worthwhile. In case a scaling would be necessary for once, a scaler could be rented at a reasonable price.


The MCTRL300 is NovaStar’s smallest sending card. It plays in 2K and is the cheapest option to play a permanently installed LED wall. Its low price is at no means a sign for a loss in quality but comes about, as the device works without extra gadgets that would raise the final price.

Technical basis data
INPUT DVI/ audio/ light sensor
  • sending unit with 1,300,000 pixel
  • permanent installations
  • scaling rarely asked for
  • single scaler can be rented additionally
  • P2+sBL: 9m2
  • P3+BL: 20m2
  • P4+WH: 30m2

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