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LED walls are always dependent on a powerful co-player which can transport contents safely onto the LED display.

In some cases, additionally the broadcast over bigger distances is necessary. Via network cable, the signal can only be transmitted over up to 100 metres. It is not uncommon that controller and LED display are separated over a further distance. For this purpose, the company NovaStar offers several extender device-options. For example, the CVT4K-M and its little brother CVT10-M.

It is a bifunctional glass fibre media converter, that is in its multimode model (CVT10-M) able to broadcast over up to 300 metres, in its single-mode (CVT10-S) the signal can be broadcasted over up to 10 kilometres.

It is particularly special in its double suitability, to be able to send to signal into one or the other direction. Should you need more outputs, you can connect two of the 9.5-inch devices in a 19-inch group, and like this you can reach the performance of a CVT4K-M product at a good value.

The CVT10-M can literally turn itself upside down. Like numerous devices of the Chinese manufacturer, its hardware focuses especially on the practical. The converter can be installed horizontally, hanging, and overall, anywhere you need it.

CVT10-M NovaStar Controller
CVT10-M basis data
General information
  • Two devices combinable to one group
  • Broadcasting distance: up to 300 metres
OUTPUT  10x LED Output
  • VX1000
  • NovaPro UHD/ UHD Jr

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