No LED technology without programming. Hence, this process is continuously optimized by the providers to make the use as easy as possible. Therefore, LEDTEK will be supporting NCP-files from now on, as well as the new controllers and software by NovaStar. We want to take another look at at the RCFGX-files, firmware and Image Boost with you. Follow us on this journey through the programming process of LED walls.

How has it been going so far?

So far, for the programming of an LED-wall, it has been necessary to install the RCFGX-files in small steps, the latest firmware and if applicable, the Image Boost. RCFGX-files are so called configuration files that can communicate with the individual cabinets of the LED wall to control these correctly. For example, the files pass on information about the type of control chips or the clocking of the chips to the receiver boards of the cabinets. You can read more about firmware and Image Boost here.

What is the NCP-file?

NCP-files contain within just one file the entire structure of the LED wall. RCGFX, firmware, Image Boost and the option for Dynamic Image Boost are always summarized here. This procedure is particularly time saving and effective because only one file has to be loaded instead of several. The NCP-file consists of the minimum components RCGFX-file and firmware. Any other functions depend on the demands of the user.


LEDTEK offers the NCP-files for the PRO- and NEO-series. NovaStar is currently working on the improvement of the files. So far, the import only works for VMP-capable devices with the use of the NCP-files as a requirement. In the long run, however, the use of NovaLCT-controlled products is also planned. We will continuously post the latest news on our newsfeed. Stay tuned!

You can download the NCP-files on the according product pages. Simply scroll down and select the NCP-file under Downloads.

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