All owners of LED walls stumble across this question at some point: How do I set up my LED wall safely, calculated and space-saving? We have the answer, well, actually, several answers. Take a look at this:

Outdoor and indoor always with you: the Tri-Frame

All of the following building variants are done with the Tri-Frame. This is a specially developed, back-securing three-point truss. You find more information on it here. The truss is particularly slim and available with black powdering, so that besides the statically calculated safety also the visual demands will not be neglected.

And from this sporty base, you now build into effective widths and heights in indoor and outdoor areas.

What options are available?

For the Tri-Frame, an indoor and an outdoor option are calculated for the studding, as well as different indoor constructions with the Tri-Frame base plate.

Studding (indoor 8 m /outdoor 5 m)

Studding (Outd. 7 m)

Studding (Ind. 10 m)

Tri-Frame base plate

Installations with the baseplate are suitable for slim, free-standing steles from a width of 0.5m, e.g. Points of Sale or information boards in front of stores. For a bigger indoor construction, an infinite number of base plates can be combined. With a single base plate, you can reach a span width of 1.5 meters.

With the proper ballasting and stiffening, you can build a construction with a base plate of up to 7m in height.

Tri-Frame base plate, side view, source: LEDTEK

Tri-Frame base plate, rear view, source: LEDTEK

The Tri-Frame studding differs from the base plate initially in one point: with the suitable ballasting, it can also be used outdoors. By the way, the indoor installation with the baseplate can barely be overbid in terms of time. Even the outdoor option of the studdings follows the continuous focus of the proprietary product development, it is visually not chunkier and timewise in comparison not more costly than the indoor variant. In terms of height, the indoor version of the stud frame can be built to such an extent that sometimes you even have to shift down a gear. At the LEDTEK stand at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt/Main 2023, we had to quit at 8 meters because of the height of the ceiling – usually 10 meters are possible and no problem at all. Outdoors, the studding is statically calculated up to 7 meters and can be erected safely, quickly and with prohibited slimness using the included test book.

For the Tri-Frame studding, in total 36 calculated construction options exist. With these, there are barely any possibilities of use left that you cannot do. Hereby, all Tri-Frame assembly options are compatible with the already existing PRO-series and all upcoming walls of the LEDTEK family. With this, you do not have to invest into all kinds of different systems without combination options.

  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand kaufen
  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand leihen

Tri-Frame studding, source: LEDTEK

Overall system LEDTEK

The compatibility between the covering variant of the Tri-Frame and the different LEDTEK series is hereby only a part of the extensive overall solution. Part of this are also, independent from the Tri-Frames, the LEDTEK LED advertising boards, the installation option as LED wall car trailer, the specifically for LED cabinets developed construction option with a Layher scaffolding and the specially designed Touring and Flightcases. Everything under one roof!

Overview: studding or base plate
Characteristics Studding Base plate
Area of use Indoor and outdoor Indoor 
Compatible LEDTEK-series PRO-series and NEO-series PRO-series and NEO-series
Required material Tri-Frames, ATC Basement with according ballast, diagonal bracing Base plate with enclosures for flying bars and receptables for Tri-Frames, Tri-Frames
Height of construction
  • Outdoors: up to 5 meters without test book; up to 7 meters with test book
  • Indoors: up to 10 meters
Depending on the use of material up to 7 meters
Width of construction
  • Minimum width of 1 meter
  • Freely scalable as long as the static calculations are observed
  • Minimum width of 0.5m
  • Per base plate, a maximum span width of 1.5m can be reached
  • Overall width freely scalable as long as the static calculations are observed
Height of floor level First LED cabinet can be installed as desired from floor level or above First LED cabinet can be installed as desired from floor level or above
Static calculations EXPO Engineering

  • Outdoors: up to 5 meters in height and wind load zone 2; with test book up to 7 meters in height
  • Indoors: calculations according to the measurement guidelines for guaranteed tipping and gliding safety
EXPO Engineering

  • Up to 7 meters with Tri-Frame stiffening behind every cabinet
Areas of use and other
  • Indoor and outdoor product in one
  • Simple assembly with click system
  • Ground clearance makes it particularly suitable for events with large audiences
  • Indoor product available with two different cantilevers depending on height (101.5 and 215.5 cm)
  • 36 statically calculated construction options
  • Simple assembly with click system
  • Simple transportation due to the use of steel pipes
  • Optional edgings for standard 30 cm four-point traverse
  • Freestander
  • Point of Sale

Everything at a glance with the LED wall planner and calculator

Although the use of the Tri-Frame construction variants is already as customer-friendly and uncomplicated as possible, we go a step further with you: when planning your Tri-Frame installation, there are two other tools by your side. With the LED wall planner and calculator, you can plan any event within a few seconds.

Follows this link to the LED wall planner, you can try the calculator right here:


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You can find the base plate and the studding in an exclusive listing of all the technical details under these two links.

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