An all-round carefree free package – exactly what you get when you decide to purchase our PRO-series. With this new outdoor series, we do not solely want to offer you an LED wall, but an overall solution that makes you perfectly happy. The LEDTEK Tri-Frames and the LED-trailer, but also the cooperation with the scaffolding manufacturer Layher is part of it. But see for yourself:

To the beginning: what is the PRO-series?

The P4+WH Pro is an outdoor LED wall with a pixel pitch of 4.81mm and a luminosity of 4,500 nits Hence, it is particularly suitable even for big events. An important feature for an outdoor wall, as these events often have a spacious auditorium with a partly big viewing distance for the visitor. And as the demand for big outdoor has increased accordingly, we produced 2,000 mof the same batch of the PRO-series. Hence, we are not only prepared for any inquiries of individual customers, but we can also make an uncomplicated rental via our Rental Pool possible. Between the cabinets of one batch, there is no visual difference. However, it should be noted that there are also several colour matching options for LED cabinets from different batches in order to match the cabinets to each other. These enable a very similar result.

However, an LED wall for outdoor use should not only be big but should hold different weather conditions. Therefore, we optimized our construction system with a flying bar and developed the Tri-Frame. This three-point truss offers stability and safety. It enables installations with span widths up to twelve meters – depending on the wind zone – without the necessity to hold it horizontally twice. The Tri-Frame contributes to a quick and easy assembly, as it can be connected to the cabinet frame, where the bolt is attached, with a simple click system. This saves you time with the construction that usually requires lots of screwing and piping. A problem that causes the renunciation of parts, especially in moments of time pressure. This results in a lack of stability and increases the risk of accidents considerably. With the quick assembly and the high stability that the Tri-Frame makes possible, such decisions of time and safety do not have to be made.

P4+WH PRO with Tri-Frame, source: LEDTEK

Achieving more together

We could not have implemented a project such as the PRO-series on our own. Luckily, we could win experienced partners with expertise in various fields for a cooperation. Therefore, all components of the system were developed with established companies and tested and calculated on their safety. EXPO Engineering took part in developing the static calculations for the PRO-series, and the Tri-Frame is produced by A.T.C.

But the Tri-Frame is only the beginning. It is the fundament for numerous upcoming projects. Part of these is a stand construction for indoor use that consists simply of a base plate and a Tri-Frame. For our P4+WH the Tri-Frame enabled the development of an optimal scaffold for outdoor installations.

For the PRO-series in particular, we have teamed up with Layher and EXPO Engineering in order to develop, based on a lot of work, time, theoretical knowledge and practical experience, an ideal scaffolding construction adapted to our PRO-series. As an according package, consisting of LED cabinets, Tri-frame and scaffold, the PRO-series cannot be beat when it comes to safety and user-friendliness. Additionally, we developed a new Touring Case that adds to an as simple and smooth construction as possible. With the PRO-Series an overall solution is offered that does not leave any questions regarding stability and construction unanswered.

Pro-Serie, Tri-Frame, LED Wand kaufen, LED, Wand mieten

P4+WH PRO with Tri-Frame, source: LEDTEK

Bringing together what belongs together – our cooperation with Layher

Layher is a number when it comes to scaffolding, and they are part of the conception of our PRP-series. With their video wall system, the company is experienced with scaffolds for LED walls. The system is assembled quickly and easily. Thanks to bolt and gib and cotter technology, no screws or cranes are necessary for the construction. The scaffold presents itself as an allrounder, useable for all LED walls. However, even here problems might occur, as different LED walls have different peculiarities and specialties. This is why the customers often are confronted with the question of how they can safely attach their LED wall to the stand construction.

In our PRO-series we connect our experience with LED walls with the expertise of Layher in the field of scaffolds. This special connection creates a unity whose components are agreed upon to 100%. Static calculations of the entire system guarantee the safety of the installation and are recorded in the construction book. In this construction book it is listed how the individual elements work together as an overall system, and how they need to be assembled safely and stably. Of course, the static calculation for all common LED wall sizes are considered here. The PRO-Series, including the special scaffold construction, results from a cooperation of theoretics and practitioners. Not only were all possible variations conscientiously statically checked and calculated, but also tested on the construction site on its actual practicability. The system, consisting of LED wall, Tri-Frame and scaffold, was indeed designed practical and user-friendly.

One system, many possibilities

The system can be varied and equipped diversely. Four different sized are offered which are between 5x3m and 11x6m. However, the remaining fitting is designed to be agreed upon the reason. Optionally a pedestal can be placed in front of the LED wall to create a platform area. Moreover, it is possible to expand the system by a PA-system with PA-wings on the sides. Even banners can be integrated – in concentional manner, but also as an LED banner, so that the area can be used for changing contents.

During the development of the scaffold, attention was paid to elegancy as well. You can set up the system cased or not. Furthermore, the deflection unit of the system makes it possible for the chain pull to disappear in the background. The entire substructure is narrower than the LED wall it carries. Like this, the wall with its contents is in the foreground, without the scaffold disrupting the image.

Layher, Bauzeichnung, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand mieten

Construction drawing by Layher and LEDTEK, source: LEDTEK

The safety factor – what is the point of the construction book?

Safety is one of the most important factors with constructions of this size. Therefore, static calculations need to guarantee that these constructions defy wind and weather. Before the first assembling it is examined if a model approval can be granted. If this test is successful, the permit is granted for three years, but can be prolonged upon request. The model approval and all the corresponding documents are collected in the test book. This accompanies the flying construction – thus a structural enclosure that is supposed to be constructed and dismantled at different sites time and again – to all destinations. Additionally to the system you do not only get the test book, but also entire packing lists and images for illustration.  If you assemble your construction with original components from LEDTEK and Layher, you do not have to worry about anything. Moreover, flying constructions are checked on safety and stability by TÜV before they are put into operation. Thanks to the construction book the inspectors at the site know what to take notice of and do not need to carry out another check.

For our PRO-series, static calculations were made for all four wind zones – with and without cladding – and noted in the construction book. Theoretically it is sufficient to only do calculations for the fourth wind zone, where the wind load is at its maximum. However, calculating all four of them offers a crucial advantage: to know how much material and ballast is necessary in which wind zone. If you wanted to e.g. assemble the scaffold in wind zone one, however, there were only calculations for the fourth wind zone, you would work with all the material and ballast that was calculated for the highest wind zone – and much of it would be superfluous. With the various calculations all conceivable scenarios are covered in the construction book. It is important to us to be able to present you a realistic, practical, and indeed thought-out system with our PRO-series.


We proudly present you our PRO-series. If you are interested in it, or have further questions, feel free to contact us. We would gladly answer your questions. You can give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44, or send an email to